What is an assistance dog for?

Anyone with a visual, hearing, motor or mental disability can accommodate an assistance dog. When can an assistance dog be useful? What breeds can be service dogs? What is the difference between a guide dog? Our answers. The dog, man’s best friend? This animal in any case is able to help people who are not … Read more

in Tunisia, the return of the killing of stray dogs

At the end of July, several Tunisian cities announced that they were launching a campaign to exterminate stray dogs, an annual practice widely declared barbaric by animal welfare organizations. New: authorities plan to hire hunters to help municipal agents track street dogs. Tunisian activists contacted our editorial staff to draw attention to this practice, which … Read more

Two off-leash greyhounds killed a cat in Watermael-Boitsfort

By means of Zhen-Zhen Zveny | Published on 08/11/2022 at 18:52 The family is struggling to recover. His cat didn’t stand a chance against the dogs. On Saturday August 6, two greyhounds were walking off leash near the Parc des Noisetiers in Watermael-Boitsfort and viciously attacked him. ************ **** ******** ******* *** *** ******** ***** … Read more

the bill will be dirty for

The increase in the price of grains: the bill will be high for hunters in Vienne The agricultural damage of big game hunters cost Vienne 800,000 euros in 2021. In 2022, the bill may rise to the point of threatening the financial health of the Departmental Federation, according to its president Michel Cuau. On Facebook, … Read more

Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

Rupture of the cruciate ligament in dogs is the most common cause of hind limb lameness of this type. The causes of this pathology are still not well understood in canids; a degenerative process and/or a genetic predisposition is suspected. The treatment is mainly surgical and gives good results. “Crusaders” are not the right of … Read more

Facebook Messenger: how to activate secret encrypted conversations

For more security and confidentiality in your exchanges on Facebook Messenger, you can activate the “hidden conversation” option since 2016. We explain how to do it and why it is important. There is no default end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger right now. However, this protection is essential to protect a person’s private life: it was … Read more