Walking your dog, climbing the stairs… How daily efforts can improve our longevity

By Tiphaine Honnet Posted on 09/12/2022 at 14:40, Update on 09/12/2022 at 15:39 It only takes a few micro changes every day to optimize our shape and our health. Getty Images An Australian study suggests that a simple daily movement like climbing the stairs or even carrying the groceries, can help us live better and … Read more

📰 Hypoallergenic dogs? Fake

Your child wants to welcome a puppy home. But today, the youngest sneezed when he found himself in the presence of these small furry animals. How to agree to their request without compromising their health? A frequently discussed solution: a dogs (The dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a domesticated mammal in the Canidae family,…) hypoallergenic. … Read more

New treatment for osteoarthritis in dogs: monoclonal antibodies

From the age of 8, 7 out of 10 dogs suffer from osteoarthritis. This painful disease can be debilitating and seriously affect your dog’s well-being. Often thought of as a mortality associated with old age, osteoarthritis in dogs can be alleviated. Osteoarthritis in dogs: a chronic disease Canine osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that results … Read more

What are the best dog doorbells in 2022?

Writing Published in 12/15/22 05:16 What is the use of the dog bell? A dog doorbell makes it easy for your pet to communicate with you. He can actually ring the doorbell when he wants to go out or come in. That’s why dog ​​doorbells can be placed inside and outside the house. Buying a … Read more

10 Best Movies Where The Dog Doesn’t Die

Dogs are man’s best friend and have been an integral part of Hollywood and its most famous films for decades. They add joy and fun companions to movies, as well as unbreakable bonds that challenge relationships between people. There is always something so heartwarming and special about watching a beautiful furry friend on the big … Read more

Nothing without my blood dog

Some say: if you call a bloodhound handler, you are doing it wrong! This is partially true. At close range in particular, if the weapon is steady on a foot, the shot should be fatal. No reason, shooting a scope at a suitable distance, to wound. It happens however, even with a well-placed bullet, that … Read more