How to start playing Sorare? Guide for beginners

Sorare is an Ethereum-based blockchain-based fantasy football game where players can trade, buy, sell NFT football cards. For each competition offered by Sorare, you must create a team with 5 footballer cards of different rarities (limited, rare, super-rare, rare). Player performance will influence the value of your cards. Throughout the article, you will learn how to start Sorare for free.

1. Get free cards by creating your club

To be able to participate in the Sorare game, it is mandatory to register to be able to create your club. When registering, Sorare asks for your 3 favorite clubs. It is recommended to choose clubs that play in the Champions League because it allows you to have a good goalkeeper that you will need later. Once your favorite clubs have been selected, Sorare offers you 10 free cards, depending on your choice (same championship or similar). The cards offered cannot be sold or exchanged but allow you to play in several competitions: Casual & Academy. Sorare’s training is also available to all players upon registration.

fraud: Once your club is created, you can refer your friends to receive free cards. Sorare offers a sponsorship system that allows you to get cards for free. If someone uses your referral link and buys 5 cards from the market, you will receive a limited number of cards that you can use in-game or trade.

2. List your free cards for exercises

Often neglected because there is no real reward, workouts are actually very beneficial. They allow registered players to gain experience and increase their card level. Players with high levels have a bonus point on their final score. This bonus will allow you to make a difference in free competitions and therefore have a chance to win a limited card.
You can create several squads in training mode, take the opportunity to register all your available players to gain experience, even if they are not playing.

Sorare’s fully or partially free competitions

3. Win limited cards for free through Sorare competitions

Now that you have about ten common cards, you can register for free in competitions where you can try to win limited cards (tradeable and exchangeable).

Casual :
Previously called “Rookie League”, Casual is the league for new players with no experience. In this competition, you have to choose 5 community cards to form your team. Even if you finish at the end of the competition, you have access to a tier 2 standard card, the rewards change according to your results. These cards will allow you to have more options during the composition of your team.

Recently, Sorare established a new exclusive competition for managers who have limited cards but are not registered in competitions where limited, rare, super rare and rare cards are requested.
This competition allows you to develop your club without investing money. When choosing your team, you are allowed to put up to 2 limited cards (which you can win in casual competition) and the rest common cards. During this competition, you will not compete with other players but you must achieve a minimum score. You are rewarded (limited community cards) based on your number of points accumulated during the game days.

trick: If possible, players should be selected who will perform best. Basically it is necessary to take into account the shape of the team and the player, the injuries, the playing time, the news, the opponent, the playing style… There are tools that can help you like Sorare Data .

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