Thaïs and Robin take a step forward in their relationship (episode of Friday January 13, 2023)

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance with a detailed summary of episode 1065 on Friday January 13, 2023. In this new episode, Looks like Manu’s suspicions have been confirmed. At the same time, Kira witnesses an unexpected reunion, and Christophe remains haunted by Ziggy’s death.


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Un Si Grand Soleil nang daan: Summary of the episode of January 13, 2023

Thais and Robin as a couple?

Dr. must be replaced. Evan Cresson tonight at the hospital a colleague called and there was an obstacle. For his part, his wife Chloé left with Cécile in Paris. His parents were not there, Robin took the opportunity to invite the Thais to come and spend the night at his house to watch a film by Roger Corman, a director of Series B in the 60s and 70s. He is also a producer, a talent scout who launched many famous American directors. The Thais agreed. Kira witnessed this unexpected rapprochement. He asked his friend to know his intention. After what she went through with Damien, Thais was not looking for a serious relationship. He just wanted light. He doesn’t know if Robin is on the same wavelength and he thinks it’s his problem and not hers.

For her part, Kira was only thinking about Louis and she needed to clear her mind. He offers Robin to play tennis tonight, but the latter declines, claiming a family dinner.

Around 7pm, the Thais go to Robin’s. He brought pizza from his dad’s restaurant, but he wasn’t hungry yet. Robin then offers the young woman to watch a movie, but Thai has other ideas. And he kissed her on the cheek.

But in the meantime, at the hospital, Alain Alphand was surprised to see Dr. Evan Cresson arrived. He texted his co-worker saying he finished early and could take over his shift. Evan decided to go home and surprise his son. Meanwhile, Thais and Robin took a step in their relationship. When Evan came home, he saw Thais undressing in his living room. Robin and the girl are about to get close. Evan walked away. When he was at the bottom of his building, he called his wife and explained to her that he would probably be getting a hotel room tonight.


Christophe remains haunted by Ziggy’s death

Cécile packed her things, and her suitcase was in the hallway. Christophe did not hide his concern. But Cécile went to Paris to take care of one of her files. He will return in two, three days to Montpellier depending on his appointments. Apparently Christophe didn’t listen to his partner when he mentioned his stay. Cécile thought that his departure would be good for both of them, and allowed Christophe to calmly think about what he really wanted with her. Christophe said he was sorry. Cécile believes that her partner is afraid to do certain things with her and she wants to know why. Knowing that their family was in danger, Cécile could hear everything, but she wanted to hear it now. But Christophe said nothing and Cécile left.

On his part, Manu continues his investigation. He went around the watchmakers and couldn’t get his hands on the watch stolen from Hervé Rostand. But his suspicions about Darius were confirmed. Alex researched him. 12 years later, Hervé Rostand’s partner lives in Grenoble. She is going through a divorce. When his wife was about to steal him, he disappeared and was never seen again. And in 2013, Darius was heard as part of a drowning investigation, but the drowned was none other than one of his competitors. The case is classified as accidental death.

Manu shares his suspicions with Commissioner Becker, but without success. After Manu was reminded that the investigation was closed by the judge’s decision, he regretted that the police did his investigation behind his back. Although Commissioner Becker orders him to drop the case, Manu remains determined to continue his investigation.

Achille witnessed Cécile and Christophe’s argument the other day. The teenager understands that he is responsible for the tensions that arise in their relationship. Achille confesses to Sylvain that he has a problem with Cécile. He was uncomfortable when he saw her. Achille saw that he was doing too much. Her little smile, her little look, her questions, annoyed him. He doesn’t know her and doesn’t want to talk to her about intimate things. Sylvain explained to Achille that he was just trying to bond with her since he was going to adopt her. But for the teenager, Christophe will adopt him. Sylvain corrects him and Achille explains that they will adopt him together, since they are a couple. But in the eyes of the teenager, Cécile is just Christophe’s friend and he doesn’t want that to change. Sylvain tries to make her realize that this adoption is a real mess for her and that it will take time for her to make her mark with Cécile. Achille points out that Christophe’s partner is impatient, which annoys him. Sylvain assured him, no one was forcing him.

Meanwhile, disturbed by Ziggy’s death, Christophe is aggressive towards Charles. For her part, Margo called her sister to hear from her. Cécile confides in her that Christophe remains closed to her. However, he felt that something was eating away at him. He is afraid of his couple.

In the evening, Ludo and Christophe go out drinking together. Christophe is still troubled, unable to escape Ludo. Christophe tells his friend and future witness how upset he is about Ziggy’s death. But taken into Margot’s confidence, Ludo then talks about his relationship problems with Cécile. Knowing that his friend is in the process of destroying everything, he encourages Christophe to pull himself together and talk to his partner.

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