RTL Today – Domestic violence: How to get out of a violent relationship?

Visavi answered our questions on this topic. We also collected more details on the spiral and cycle of violence. In an abusive relationship, violence creeps in gradually. If it does not stop with psychological violence, it can also be accompanied by physical violence. However, it can manifest itself in many ways: against things but also … Read more

News Press – The relationship between the United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will travel to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he will meet with government leaders and civil society representatives to discuss expanded cooperation on issues such as security in region, respect for human rights, environmental conservation, climate change, and bilateral trade and investment. The relationship between the United … Read more

Loss of meaning, degraded conditions… France faces high employee turnover

182,290 vacancies in personal services, 143,860 in trade and mass distribution, 139,370 in hotels and restaurants, almost as many in industry, construction, transportation… a stock that usually hovers around 700,000. Beyond the classic gap caused by the mismatch between the job offer, the demand and qualifications, these numbers confuse employers and raise questions: where are … Read more

create a subsidiary in Canada to sell in the United States, internationalize and export

His name is ” Freejump Horseback Riding avant-garde”, because in Quebec, we don’t laugh at Anglicisms. “In depositing the articles of association, we Montreal branch must have a French name. So we tried to literally translate the expression used on our site, Freejump advanced riding experience! », explained, with a smile, Yann Dubourg. This business … Read more