The neighbor’s dog killed my chickens, what should I do?

Your neighbor’s pet has found a new game: your chickens. Why is he behaving like this? How to prevent him from approaching them? What are the remedies? Are your chickens quietly stretching their legs in your garden? Be careful, it can quickly arouse the interest of many four-legged animals. Indeed, it is neighbor’s dog or … Read more

How to make a comfortable mat for your dog?

Whether they are called rustic dogs or not, our doggies love the ease better sofa than our cats. They also love to stick with us for a break or a gentle moment. And sometimes we want to enjoy our sofa without sharing it. Rest assured, our pets need a place of their own to rest, … Read more

Is the increase in pet food prices justified?

If kibble manufacturers recognize the increase in raw material and energy costs, the desire to maintain the same level of margin in these products can also explain the increase in the prices of these products. “I don’t understand why these products are increasing…” On BFMTV this Monday, December 5, Michel-Edouard Leclerc admitted his confusion about … Read more

Cahors: the puppy show this weekend

the requirement This weekend, put on the puppy show at the exhibition center in Cahors. Fifteen breeders are available with approximately 250 puppies. Some cats also point to the tip of their nose. This is something that will make lovers of our little four-legged animals happy. This weekend, put on the puppy show at the … Read more

Completely hypoallergenic dogs? Fake

This article is part of the section on Gossip detectorclick here for other texts. The origin of the rumor The first mention of the term “hypoallergenic”, which is included in the canine genus, dates back to the middle of the 20th century. But public interest in the so-called “hypoallergenic” breeds took off thanks to the … Read more

AIDC PL-1 Chien-Shu –

AIDC PL-1 Chien-Shu:“Lhe is a small Taiwanese training plane with origins in California” Isolated on the island of Formosa, off the coast of China, the state of Taiwan has cultivated a form of industrial independence from its American and European allies since the 1970s. And this is especially visible at the level of the small … Read more

Marriage separations | Whose custody is Grizou?

Earlier this year, a legal dispute involving members of a separated couple erupted before the Court of Quebec. At the heart of the dispute: custody of Leo. One of the former spouses claims sole custody. But Leo is not a child: he is a shepherd type dog, and the judge must decide to find out … Read more