“The most important thing is the dog”

Released, issued: Do you remember that feeling of emptiness when he announced the end? However, cracks, when they appear to be insurmountable, will always teach us. Dropped, delivered recounts those moments of life where it is a question of reinventing oneself to live a more beautiful life. If you also want to tell your wonderful … Read more

Covid-19: “detector” dogs tested at an airport

A French study has already shown that dogs are well aware of people affected by Covid-19. In a new science article published on May 16, 2022 at BMJ Global HealthFinnish researchers and French Loic Desquilbet, from the Department of Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology (National Veterinary School of Alfort) have shown that canines can be successfully … Read more

Separation anxiety in dogs: explanations

Separation anxiety is a common occurrence in dogs. This is usually due to over-attention of the newly adopted puppy. In fact, to think positively, his master would probably want to reassure this little dog who had just separated from his mother. However, the latter begins to establish the natural occurrence of the detachment, where the … Read more

A master athlete dares to take all risks to save the family of dogs trapped in the flood (video)

© Brady Oliveira / TikTok (screenshot) When Canadian football player Brady Oliveira didn’t play for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he spent his time rescuing dogs in distress in his home province of Manitoba. In early May, the young man launched a dangerous rescue operation during the flood. Football isn’t the only passion Brady Oliveira. The … Read more

Posters to fight against stray dogs in Guyana

“Multi-format” posters, to fight against stray dogs, but not only that. This campaign is reminiscent of basic rules, with a four-legged companion, for example, recognition. A campaign led by CACL, the agglomeration community in the littoral center of French Guiana. These posters are a must, for pedestrians, or motorists traveling around the territory of Cacl. … Read more