INTERVIEW – Mathilde Cappelaere: her relationship with Dylan Deschamps, her relationship with her in-laws… Her confidence

More than “boyfriend’s son”, at only 24 years old, Mathilde Cappelaere runs his two businesses from London where he lives his partner Dylan Deschamps. While his stepfather Didier Deschamps recently renewed his contract with the French team, he is confident about his career, his desire to start a family and get married in Italy, “the ultimate romance”. how are you

Mathilde Cappelaère: I had a good vacation. I came back to Nice, where I’m from, but last year I moved to London to be with my boyfriend. I had the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends. At just 24 years old, you already have two companies…

Mathilde Cappelaère: With my sister, we set up a private concierge service in the middle of Covid, which seems pretty crazy. Our parents passed on to us the taste of travel. When we share photos of places we’ve been to on social networks, it sparks interest. Organizing a trip takes time. In the beginning, we did it for free for our relatives, then for friends of friends and we ended up saying to ourselves that there is something to do and the idea came to us to make it our business and to organize trips around the world. Do you often bathe in luxury?

Mathilde Cappelaère: No, I would say it has improved. When we were young, not at all. Our parents worked a lot and had very few holidays each year. When we left for ten or fifteen days, they enjoyed themselves. We went to great places, but not all the time. We are privileged, we have this opportunity. But we remember where we came from. You have also done humanitarian work. Does this experience mark you?

Mathilde Cappelaère: When I was in high school in Nice, I went to Rio, Brazil, with teachers and students. I was in completely different circumstances from the trips I had made before. We sleep in a youth hostel and every day we go to meet children in orphanages. We brought them suitcases with clothes, toys … to please the children without anything. And we gave them a check. It was a trip that touched me deeply and I would love to do it again when I have more time. Why not in Kenya with my boyfriend… Speaking of your partner Dylan Deschamps, you attended the World Cup in Qatar together. Are you surprised by the motivation you generate?

Mathilde Cappelaère: I was very touched, I received good words. I’m flattered too because I’m not. I am “boyfriend” who is this “son of”. I was surprised, touched and happy, it’s always a pleasure. How did you start your love story?

Mathilde Cappelaère: For the record, we met at parties of mutual friends. He added me on social media, but without hesitation. I don’t know who he is and I’m not interested since my relationship. When my boyfriend left me, I knew that Dylan was there when he looked at me. We started talking to each other naturally on Instagram when we never spoke. Do you remember your first meeting?

Mathilde Cappelaère: In the summer between my two classes in the preparatory years, he asked me to go with him to Monte Carlo Beach, in Monaco. I was a bit stressed and nervous like it was a first date. Especially since his parents were on the spot with two friends. How did you meet your in-laws?

Mathilde Cappelaère: To be honest, I don’t really know anything about football (laughs). I was not immersed in this universe since the few times my father was watching TV, be it movies or golf. I know he is a former player, but not his career. My girlfriends and my brother-in-law woke me up. I was a little embarrassed, even though it was my first time meeting Dylan. But Didier Deschamps is a simple man, he is very good to me. He calmed me down. Is it rushed between you?

Mathilde Cappelaère: After that first date, there was a kiss. We kept talking to each other, not seeing each other much since I was preparing in Cannes and he was in EDHEC in Nice. But I asked him what he wanted. He made me understand that he liked me. You have a character…

Mathilde Cappelaère: I was harder on Dylan than any other boy, because of his exposure. Six months later, I left for Dubai with him and his parents. We became closer. I know his parents. We all worship each other. Since we are very familiar, we introduced our parents who became friends. Dylan’s parents are a closed circle because if your name is Didier Deschamps, you can’t trust anyone. It’s cute because they are close to my parents. They met without us.

I want to be sure of his feelings for me before saying it. Besides, you talk on social networks about your desires for marriage and starting a family with Dylan Deschamps…

Mathilde Cappelaère: We live in London, where Dylan works in finance. I have asked him if he sees himself spending his life with me since I left my family and my friends to be with him. He was moved by this. He has already told me that I am the woman of his life, which is comforting. We want to get married, but it is a question of age and also of money. So we take our time. For the kids, we know we’ll get them later. He was an only child, he only wanted one. Me, I have a sister, I want two. Let’s see, let’s not rush. We have careers and we have a little dog, Simba (laughs). Have you ever thought about D-Day?

Mathilde Cappelaère: My dream is to do it in Lake Como. This is the ultimate romance. I’ve never been, but I dream about it. I told Dylan he was there and he agreed.

We love Italy, we do all our trips there. Your life is far from football…

Mathilde Cappelaère: Dylan plays football for fun, he plays padel with his father and his friends. He loved football when he was little, but he always said to me: “Because of what my father did, I could never do better, so I might as well try to do the same in another place”. You are also developing in the world of wellness and especially lithotherapy…

Mathilde Cappelaère: When my grandfather was in a coma for three months due to Covid, I turned to lithotherapy. I went to someone who reassured me and advised me. I will not force anyone to believe this, but I believe in strength. This is where the Etincel Collection brand was born. With my sister, we offered candles and gourds with stones. You are poles apart from the image that people may have of you through social networks.

Mathilde Cappelaère: On Instagram, we share what we want to share. I like to share beautiful things, when I go out, like many people, you can say to yourself that everything is easy, I gave everything, I’m superficial… It’s not true.

Photo credits: Instagram / Mathilde Cappelaere

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