Ankara “needs to adjust its geopolitical posture”

Israel and Turkey announced on Wednesday the full resumption of their diplomatic relations after more than ten years of separation. Energy cooperation, Turkey’s economic difficulties, the dynamics of the normalization of relations between the Jewish state and its neighbors… This warming has many challenges, especially for Ankara, which is now looking for a “less confrontational” … Read more

a hundred years later, the stray dogs are on the rampage again

Haydar Ozkan arrives every day to feed dozens of stray puppies in a vacant lot located at the foot of residential towers in the suburbs of Ankara, the Turkish capital. Haydar Ozkan But this animal rights defender knows that, without the support of the authorities, his efforts will not be enough to improve the situation … Read more

“Western tensions push Russia and Turkey to work together”

FIGAROVOX/MAINTENANCE – In the book “Russia-Turkey. A challenge to the West?”, Isabelle Facon, Russia’s defense specialist, discusses the complex relations between these two states that, despite often differing interests, foster in their friendship to guarantee their power against the West. Isabelle Facon is the Deputy Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research. A specialist in … Read more