Near Forges-les-Eaux, La Ferté-Saint-Samson dog farm offers cani-hiking

Cani-randonnée, a new and original activity proposed by Mélanie Durieux from the dog breeder of La Ferté-Saint-Samson, is on the rise Cani-hiking is in progress, the event offers a question and answer game route – Photo PND Published: August 10, 2022 at 11:43 am Reading time: 3 min And if you walk in the country … Read more

Tourism and Artificial Intelligence in Sophia Antipolis

Tourism and Artificial Intelligence in Sophia Antipolis July 6, 2022 Michael Bovas No comments tech French Riviera, MyHotelMatch, Provence, Sophia-Antipolis 889 views This is the digital travel agent that uses incredible AI resources born in Sophia Antipolis. The upcoming “Tinder” of the ideal meeting-type tourist relationship between a customer and a hotel created a team … Read more

VISITORS – Commercial Relations Manager M/F – CDI – (Paris 9e) | Offers

Tour operator specializing in worldwide travel for over 30 years. We now offer a variety of programs with smooth itineraries of guided tours, à la carte trips and stays. Based in the heart of Paris (metro Chaussée d’Antin / Trinité / Saint Lazare / Opéra), research: Business Relationship Manager M/F Position based in Paris (Opera … Read more

Caucasus. Abkhazia. State-client-patron relations: the case of land ownership in Russia-Abkhaz relations

I“de facto” DEPENDENT [1] since 1993 and an open conflict in Georgia, the Republic of Abkhazia, located on the east coast of the Black Sea, has been supported by Russia since the early 2000s. First UN member state to recognize Abkhazia on August 26, 2008, feeding the Abkhazian budget to more than 70% and holding … Read more

“What are the risks of making love on the plane?”

THE FIGARO ANSWERED YOU – This fantasy shared by many French people is not without its dangers. Situation update. Will I have a problem if I have sex in the cabin of the plane? Question from Julie (age 36) Dear Julie, Thanks for your question. Know that you’re not the only one to ask yourself … Read more

Where to vacation with your dog this summer? “Italy is the most dog friendly country”

INTERVIEW – Mélanie is the founder of the “Chien Voyageur” website, where she recounts her holidays with her border collie, Maïdo, and gives her good advice for successful human and smoke holidays. She shared with us her favorites. This is an image of Epinal. The minivan, the two kids in the back, was a barely … Read more