“Some congratulate you, others criticize you” (Safoura Compaoré, West Africa vice-champion in Bodybuilding)

A few weeks ago, his images were fed on social networks. For some it’s pleasant, and for others it’s funny, because it’s the first time for them to see a girl who shows herself with well-built muscles, with a big smile. Bodybuilding is mandatory! This picture is none other than that of Safoura Compaoré, who … Read more

MENAPLN studied the situation

Low preschool enrollment rate, inadequate infrastructure of CEBs, delay in payment of State subsidy to private promoters and closure of three classrooms due to uncertainty, the Minister of National Education, literacy and promotion in national languages, Lionel Bilgo, immerses himself. of the difficulties encountered by educational actors in the Hauts-Bassins region through a working meeting … Read more