A queen and 14 presidents: Elizabeth II’s special relationship with America – 09/09/2022 at 19:58

Barack Obama with Elizabeth II at an official banquet at Buckingham Palace on May 24, 2011 (POOL/LEWIS WHYLD) Around scones with Eisenhower, on horseback with Reagan, having tea with Trump… Elizabeth II weaves with American presidents her own “special relationship” with the United States. His first official meeting with an American president began in 1951, … Read more

Sodexo strengthens its commercial relationship with Ardent Health Services in the United States to improve patient experience – 09/15/2022 at 18:15

Issy-les-Moulineaux, September 15, 2022 Sodexo announced the signing of a new contract that strengthens the partnership with Ardent Health Services, a company specialized in health care in the United States. Through this enhanced partnership, more than 1,500 Sodexo employees will provide catering and nutrition services, as well as infection prevention services at more than 50 … Read more

Oil and reconstruction, the concrete relationship between China and Iraq – 08/22/2022 at 15:40

Supervisors at a construction site, part of the Iraqi-Chinese ‘Oil for Construction’ project, on July 20, 2022 near Nasiriyah, southern Iraq (AFP/Asaad NIAZI) Rich in oil but poor in infrastructure, Iraq has become one of China’s strongholds, even shaking the privileged position of Westerners in the country by building with a vengeance, at the risk … Read more

The super consulting agency that builds customer loyalty

By Delta Agency for HEERO Posted 6 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago In the era of digitalization, companies face a new challenge, the management of their relationship with their customers. The expectations of online consumers are more demanding: a personalized experience, a clear offer and quality service are all assets that increase their loyalty. … Read more


LENOVO AND ECONOCOM GROUP STRENGTHEN THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO ENCOURAGE THEIR GROWTH IN MAJOR EUROPEAN MARKETS Econocom has been confirmed to be a channel partner of Lenovo Platinum Plus International July 7, 2022 – Lenovo signs an Econocom group agreement aimed at bringing the common ambitions of the two organizations to key European markets and endorses … Read more

Pets (dogs, cats, etc.): what is covered by the civil liability guarantee?

Secure your pets to anticipate possible incidents Photo credit: GettyImages Pet owners are legally responsible for this. If there is damage, they may be covered by the civil liability guarantee included in their home insurance contract with a lot of risk. In what situations? What animals are affected? What happens if you hand over your … Read more

the asset management company that specializes in crypto-assets

Through Delta Agency for GOin Posted on 06/21/2022 at 6:22 pm Crypto-assets represent investments that allow you to diversify your financial investment. Bitcoin is just one example, as the crypto-asset market is growing at a pace that defies all predictions. DeFi, gaming, NFT, Metaverse, stablecoins, and more. : no shortage of crypto-asset investment strategies. Without … Read more

Buy-louer.fr announces the signing of an exclusive partnership with PropTech Pocketimmo-2022-06-21 at 18:00

The Buy-Louer.fr group, specialists in digital marketing and data solutions in Real Estate and Housing, announces the signing of a partnership with a view to commercial synergies with startup Pocketimmo, 1 time real estate Matching application that operates on the principle of dating sites. PARIS, June 21, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Pocketimmo was created … Read more

Worldline invested in Metaverse – 05/31/2022 at 09:53

(AOF) – Worldline was one of the first companies in its sector to launch Metaverse with a dedicated virtual showroom. The payment specialist aims to link virtual and real worlds for e-commerce players, giving them access to the huge potential of the Metaverse. “The Worldline showroom is merged with Decentraland, in Crypto Valley. Building this … Read more

“Like me”: A modern and uplifting love story set against the backdrop of Brexit

THEME Lucy is a 42-year-old mother who is separated from Paul, her husband, who is drunk on alcohol and cocaine. He was the only one raising his two sons, Dylan and Al (we suspect the author, a huge music fan, was tempted to call them Bob and Dylan). He meets Joseph, a 22-year-old black man … Read more