M6 will celebrate “20 years of love of television” on Monday August 8 from 9:10 pm

Summer is the time of love! On this occasion, M6 invites you, Monday August 8 from 9:10 pm, to celebrate 20 years of love by rediscovering the best moments of greatest love and dating movies. on “Back to the merry-go-round” on “Love is in the pasture” passeth “The Bachelor”, “Married at First Sight”, “Les Zamours” … Read more

Publication of Atmane Bissani’s new book

Professor Atmane Bissani’s new book, titled Writing and forever. Essays on mysticism in literature, published in the Sagacita edition (2022, Tangier) of the “Questions of literature” collection, offers an in -depth study of the mysterious tracing of literature. The author sets the goal of deconstructing the folkloric and simplistic visions associated with mystics. This is … Read more


“The National Film Festival (FNF) is an artistic, cultural and promotional event aimed at: – Promoting the development of national film production; – Contributing to the dissemination of films made by Moroccan filmmakers; – Promote the work of national cinema professionals; – Create a framework for meeting, dialogue, and cinematographic exchange “(FNF Regulations – Art … Read more

They were vying for custody of their royal bourbon in court

One dog, two families! Kola’s life could change from one day to another depending on the new court decision. On September 21, 2021, already, the court of Saint-Pierre recognized Evelyne (first name) of her right to own Kola. On the contrary, Vanessa (loan) regrets this decision because the dog has lived with her for 5 … Read more

Heart water stress in the 2nd edition of “Inwi Challenge”

Educational service electronic games are the motto of the Inwi operator through the “Inwi Challenge” program. The award ceremony for the 2nd edition of this program, hosted by Anas Belabbas, Co-Founder of DynITMaroc, took place on Friday July 1 at the training center and national meetings in Rabat, in the presence of Chakib Benmoussa, Minister … Read more

Formerly a Baccalaureate!

Since Friday, tens of thousands of young men and women are finally aware of the final result of their efforts. According to the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, 231,272 candidates enrolled in public and private education have passed the tests for the ordinary session of the standardized national exam for taking the 2022 … Read more

Cinema, my love! ” by Driss Chouika

“Indeed, if the histories of cinema and the city are so intertwined it is inconceivable that cinema could have developed without the city, and if the city was indisputably shaped in cinematographic form, neither the cinema nor the studies of cities that have given enough attention to their connection. » David B. Clarke At the … Read more

Relationship between pesticides and metabolic syndrome: no coincidence

Metabolic syndrome referred to by the acronyms SMet (for metabolic syndrome) or MetS (for Metabolic syndrome in English speakers) refers to the association of a series of health problems with similarly poor metabolism in old. It is one of the emergent syndromes. We cannot say that it is a disease: rather a group of risk … Read more

The mysticism of literature for the love of self and others

The idea of ​​“mysticism” refers to an interdisciplinary field: that of the Sufi writers of the Eastern tradition and of the spiritual poets of the Western tradition. It is not a field reserved for theology, especially as it is seen, as Atmane Bissani explains, as a mysterious language of love that spans centuries, nations and … Read more

The world’s largest bacterium discovered in Guadeloupe reveals its secrets

It can be caught using tongs: the world’s largest bacterium, 5,000 times larger than its peers and with a more complex structure, was discovered in Guadeloupe, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science. “Thiomargarita magnifica” measures up to two centimeters, looks like “silver” and shakes microbiology codes, described by AFP Olivier Gros, … Read more