M6 will celebrate “20 years of love of television” on Monday August 8 from 9:10 pm

Summer is the time of love! On this occasion, M6 invites you, Monday August 8 from 9:10 pm, to celebrate 20 years of love by rediscovering the best moments of greatest love and dating movies. on “Back to the merry-go-round” on “Love is in the pasture” passeth “The Bachelor”, “Married at First Sight”, “Les Zamours” … Read more

review of a love that stands to the test during OCS

DEFAULT “RANDOM” MODE Great feelings and time jumping, here is a program that has proven itself. At the cinema, at remote registers, we can tell Effect on Butterfliesbut also Kate and Leopold. On the series side, this is it Outlander which imposes itself spontaneously, among a few others. The Wife of the Time Traveler is … Read more

the 5 reasons that make this a complete failure

Diablo Immortal available on mobile and PC. We explain to you why this is a complete failure for 5 reasons. From the first announcement in November 2018 during BlizzCon 2018, Diablo Immortal raising a wave of anger among the players. Blizzard has revealed that the title will be co-developed by NetEase, China’s video game giant, … Read more

“Love is not a blackboard that can be erased in time to write a new story on it”

Once again, in The Other Woman, the Roman writer and director examines the chaos of love. In this story of manipulating the age of social networks, he offers his subtle, romantic and political look at the contemporary couple. In his new novel, The Other Woman, filmmaker and writer Cristina Comencini deals in a personal way … Read more

Netflix return review

An anthology of anthologies In the program for this third session, another clumsy satire, ending with a bonus reference to Elon Musk, a psychotropic lunar trip, an invasion of express zombies, another face-to-face between with some spooks and an animal terminator. , the terrifying exploration of an alien colony, rodent warfare, and not one, but … Read more