“A stronger Europe is the guarantee of a stronger and healthier transatlantic relationship”

“We have to give the Alliance teeth!” » The appeal of U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson in September 1950, a few weeks after the start of the Korean War, is unclear. The United States, he added, agreed to send several tens of thousands of their troops to protect the Europeans, but the latter had … Read more

“Neither too close nor too far”, the challenges of the father-daughter relationship

Rose, 10, already knows what she will give her father on his birthday in a few weeks. “I’ll make him pocket for his beautifully designed papers”, he said in a shy voice. The girl was looking for her father “kind”. It though “The Best Dad in the World”. He was attracted. And he did well. … Read more

Brussels: request for a paradigm shift in Europe-Africa relations

During a conference-debate, organized by the association ” Friends of Morocco ” and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium around the theme ” And if the future of Europe passes in the south? ”, It was that “must be repaired” in Europe’s relations with its southern neighbor according to the new parameters are often … Read more

Morocco-Netherlands: genesis of a unique relationship

Diplomatic practices are central to the history of international relations and bring unique insights into the field of historical and public research in the sense of the relationship with Others, their identity and their culture … Remarkable diplomatic victory for Morocco in the new position in The Hague in favor of the Moroccan autonomy plan. … Read more

Why my relationship with men is complicated

“A lot of things bothered me,” Pauline explained, “especially my complicated relationships with men. For others, professional life and so on, I think I’ve always done well. Robert Neuburger: Do you have children? Paulina: Two girls aged 16 and 14. I have been separated from their father for eight years. Robert Neuburger: What happened? Paulina: … Read more