A relationship that seeks more togetherness

Almost 600,000 Moroccans live in Belgium, according to estimates. People of Moroccan origin, whether they have Belgian nationality or a residence permit, make up 4% of the Belgian population. This shows how close and multifaceted the relationship between Rabat and Brussels is. “Relations are deeper because there is a large Moroccan community living in Belgium … Read more

France and Africa, a problematic relationship

– We are talking today about a crisis that does not speak its name between Morocco and France, do you share this observation? – More than what was said today, I can say one thing that I am sure of. The relations between Morocco and France are so unique, unique and mutually beneficial that I … Read more

Paris and Algiers want to “intensify” their relationship – All news from Guyana on the Internet

The French and Algerian prime ministers expressed on Sunday in Algiers their desire to “improve” their relationship after the agreement initiated by the presidents of the two countries at the end of August. “This is a step to establish greater cooperation between France and Algeria”, declared the head of the French government Elisabeth Borne in … Read more

In the love garden of Fatéma Mernissi

A literary, philosophical and sociological matter, love was thought of by Muslim philosophers and mystics such as Ibn Hazmou Ibn Qayim Al Jawziya. In the Western tradition, the interest shown in the analysis of this feeling comes from Durkheim until the recent work of Eva Ilouz, to name only sociologists. At the borders of sociology … Read more

Near Forges-les-Eaux, La Ferté-Saint-Samson dog farm offers cani-hiking

Cani-randonnée, a new and original activity proposed by Mélanie Durieux from the dog breeder of La Ferté-Saint-Samson, is on the rise Cani-hiking is in progress, the event offers a question and answer game route – Photo PND Published: August 10, 2022 at 11:43 am Reading time: 3 min And if you walk in the country … Read more

The Alaouite throne and the Moroccan people

People in general, and those with a depth of culture and history like the Moroccans in particular, have a collective consciousness to fully understand their situation, including their relationship with their leaders. The Moroccan people know very well what binds them to the glorious throne of Alaouite and their great contribution to the history of … Read more