they saw the movie! First mixed feedback?

It’s July 13th Thor 4 hopefully our cinemas will be electrified. Chris Hemsworth found Stormbreaker but also Natalie Portman by Jane Foster, Chis Pratt and Guardians of the Galaxy, while Christian Bale come to sow chaos in Gorr the murderer of the god and that Russell Crowe took on the role of Zeus. In realization … Read more

GUGMA by Gaspar Noé – movie review [Cannes 2015]

“Alang’s Gaspar Noé, love a film that makes men and women cry“explained a year ago producer Vincent Maraval, when the project was announced. A Cannes festival later, the author’s new realization ofEnter the Void shown to the public and in the press. Judgment? Well, it’s like always with Noé: there are those who love it, … Read more