Back to the highlights of the first live Journal du Luxe 3.0 live from VivaTech.

Web3, Metaverse, IA, AR/VR, phygital … Every day, new brands are launching into these new worlds. To catch up on the rich news, analyze and learn but also receive the opinion of experts, the Journal du Luxe has officially launched their live show that takes place every 15 days. For its inaugural edition, Journal du … Read more

Sophia: The VIP 360 became Virteem to mark its entry into the metaverse

Expert in digital marketing and virtual reality, VIP 360, led by its co-founder Kevin Soler of Sophia, seeks to make the metaverse product center the new road map. And to mark the occasion, the group changed its name and became Virteem, a “Scale Up Saas software editor” for virtual tours, Virtual Reality and… metaverse. Not … Read more

Metaverse and churches: a new form of virtual world

VR Church Bible study is one of the many thriving spiritual spaces in m **** kugang. It saw magnitude and popularity increase during the pandemic. COVID-19. Founded in the United States on 2016 by DJ Sotoa pastor based on FredericksburgVirginia, VR Church Bible saw the number of participants continue to grow each year. “Some religious … Read more

The metaverse, a 5 trillion dollar opportunity

A report by McKinsey called on companies and public authorities to show interest today in what the next evolution of the Internet promises. Companies need to tackle their metaverse strategy now if they don’t want to lose a huge source of growth in the coming decades. This is the main message of a report written … Read more

Sotheby’s has gone digital

As a sign of its strong interest, the auction house launched a dedicated platform called Sotheby’s Metaversenamed next to the virtual universe announced as the next age of the internet. An auction house built in 1744 that dared the NFTs and the metaverse? A logical continuation of Sotheby’s history, in terms of audience and interest … Read more

“The metaverse can also serve the world of health”

You are not always reserved for medical biology. Can you go back on your journey? Professor Damien Gruson: I wanted to be a community pharmacist, and that’s what I started by studying at Catholic University (UC) in Louvain. After somewhat mixed experiences during my internship in pharmacies, I transformed myself into a more clinical and … Read more

The metaverse, the new football field

Sunday’s encounter between AC Milan and Fiorentina in Italy was the first game to be broadcast in a virtual environment. The incident went relatively unnoticed. However, it can give a taste of what awaits viewers in the not too distant future. On Sunday, the Italian football championship (Serie A), broadcast the meeting between AC Milan, … Read more

The first hospital in the Metaverse

You are also interested [EN VIDÉO] Apple Glass: everything we know about Apple’s future augmented reality glass Apple Glass, Apple’s connected glass, isn’t expected before 2021 or 2022. But rumors are already circulating about features, design and price. Imagine a complete virtual health care facility that allows you to immerse yourself. avatar in the situation … Read more