“Love is in the pasture”: who are the farmers of this 17th century?

I haven’t met you yet… Get ready to hear Michael Bublé’s song ring out every Monday night from August 22. Because it’s the return of Love is in the pasture on M6, which returns for a 17th season. In the menu, 13 candidates with different profiles : we find for example a father and his … Read more

Jennifer’s reliance on “Married at first sight”

INTERVIEW – 81% compatible with Eddy according to experts in the M6 ​​romance program, the manager of hairdressing salons in Lille reconsidered his decision to divorce and revealed the rest of his relationship on camera. After Caroline and Axel, Émilie and Frédérick then Cyndie and Jauffrey, Jennifer and Eddy are the fourth couple in season … Read more