How Brittany remains a land of legends

Fairies and korrigans, the mysterious city of Ys washed away by water, Ankou and Arthurian legends… Armorican legends inspire dreams far beyond the borders of historical Brittany. How can its persistence and strength be explained? More importantly, how can its meaning be revealed beyond the various versions it has been given? If Brittany is now … Read more

An unpublished collection of Marcel Proust’s epistolary sheds light on his relationship with a remarkable host

Published Thursday at Galliard, Letters to Horace Finlayhis banker friend, traces the writer’s daily life to a parasitic host which he had the most difficulty getting rid of and which he hid between 1918 and 1921. This is an unknown anecdote from the life of Marcel Proust that resurfaces. on Letters to Horace Finally, collection … Read more

“Love is not a blackboard that can be erased in time to write a new story on it”

Once again, in The Other Woman, the Roman writer and director examines the chaos of love. In this story of manipulating the age of social networks, he offers his subtle, romantic and political look at the contemporary couple. In his new novel, The Other Woman, filmmaker and writer Cristina Comencini deals in a personal way … Read more

a love story between French and English?

I received this week at [email protected] an email from Pierre, angry after watching The Voice, where it’s just a question, he said, of coaches and “super cross battles live”. Friends of the words – including myself – have always mourned the French invasion of English. The movement began at the end of World War II, … Read more