Data protection in the metaverse: “Don’t see it as a revolution, there are rules”

Former CNIL lawyer and now at Dastra, GDPR software publisher, Jérôme de Mercey considers the approach between social networks and the metaverse to be similar in terms of data protection. He refuses to see it as a revolution: “It’s a bit of a fantasy”. Alliance. What is metaverse specific about data protection? Jerome de Mercey. … Read more

Entrevues (Liège) launches its campaign to become a foster family for a guide dog

By Allison Mazzoccato Judicial journalist at La Meuse | Posted on 07/16/2022 at 20:00 Liège non-profit organization Entrevues, which trains guide dogs for the visually impaired or blind, is launching their annual recruitment campaign for foster families. Thus you will allow a beneficiary to gain autonomy. ********* ***** *** ****** ****** **** *** ********* *** … Read more

The only way to reform is to prove the interest brought by all through reform. It may be possible …

There is no shortage of big files on reform: retirement, health, education, employment, unemployment, public funding, energy policy, fight for climate … ©Ludovic MARIN / AFP Business in Atlantico The President of the Republic did not hide his shame at the reform of French society. He is unclear on most of the big issues today: … Read more

France – Vietnam: strengthening long -standing bilateral relations

For fifty years, Franco-Vietnamese relations have continued to thrive in all areas. Interview with the French Ambassador to Vietnam, Nicolas Warnery, on the occasion of French National Day (July 14). >> Round table on France – Vietnam economy>> France supports the revitalization of coffee growing in North-West Vietnam >> France helped Vietnam modernize its administration … Read more

“Love is not a blackboard that can be erased in time to write a new story on it”

Once again, in The Other Woman, the Roman writer and director examines the chaos of love. In this story of manipulating the age of social networks, he offers his subtle, romantic and political look at the contemporary couple. In his new novel, The Other Woman, filmmaker and writer Cristina Comencini deals in a personal way … Read more

Wong Kar -Wai – In the Mood for Love: “There are a lot of things I want to change …”

The cult film will be screened tonight in Cannes, at the Cinéma de la plage, in a restored 4K version. At the end of 2020, the filmmaker relied on Première. Twenty years ago, Wong Kar-Wai reinvented cinema romanticism with the beautiful and modest touch of the two souls that afflicted Hong Kong in sixty. His … Read more

Web3: With Exaion, EDF aims at a low-carbon and sovereign blockchain

To keep up with the times and keep up with the current trend of technology, French power supplier EDF set up a subsidiary called Exaion two years ago. The company, which specializes in Web3, develops blockchain-based solutions for EDF and other external customers. Its co-founder and CEO Fatih Balyeli presented his objectives for the Alliancy: … Read more

Michelin is working on its IT-business relationship

>> This article is taken from the experience notebook to download “Industry: how do CIOs create more value in business lines?” » Pauline Flament is Michelin’s chief technology officer. He gave his insight into the role played by the rise of cyber threats in the relationship between IT and the professions and shared the levers … Read more

“I don’t know if love can blind you, but hatred can deafen you”

Now, because it is sad, in Ukraine, in the folly of a fratricidal conflict, it is important to understand where the hatred comes from. Fruitful analysis by the philosopher Philippe Saltel. What is hate? For more than twenty -five years, Philippe Saltel, professor of philosophy, questioned this “terrible love”, as he called it, through the … Read more