[Opinion] In Mauritius, the incestuous relationship between the government and the private sector is in full swing

The incestuous relationship between the government and the private sector is not new, but it has been consolidated with public assistance through the MIC. This is how proud a Jean-Pierre Dalais is celebrating the 50th anniversary of CIEL Floréal Knitwear with its new space dedicated to textiles. The president of the CIEL group, Arnaud Dalais, … Read more

rude with a dog!!

To all lords all the honor on this Heritage Day. Qualified as a pug or even with the high-sounding title “Royal Bourbon”, he constitutes the majority of troops sacrificed every year on the altar of euthanasia. Arriving on the island at the same time as its first inhabitants, it is a part of its heritage. … Read more

They were vying for custody of their royal bourbon in court

One dog, two families! Kola’s life could change from one day to another depending on the new court decision. On September 21, 2021, already, the court of Saint-Pierre recognized Evelyne (first name) of her right to own Kola. On the contrary, Vanessa (loan) regrets this decision because the dog has lived with her for 5 … Read more

Results of teacher competitions for the 2022 session

At the 2022 session, 23,571 positions were offered recruitment competitions for teachers, senior education advisers and psychologists for the National Education of public education and 3,761 recruitment competitions for private education teachers under contract [Il conviendra d’ajouter 70 postes pour lesquels les résultats ne sont pas encore connus (concours nationaux à affectation locale Mayotte)]. 146,500 … Read more

Relationship between pesticides and metabolic syndrome: no coincidence

Metabolic syndrome referred to by the acronyms SMet (for metabolic syndrome) or MetS (for Metabolic syndrome in English speakers) refers to the association of a series of health problems with similarly poor metabolism in old. It is one of the emergent syndromes. We cannot say that it is a disease: rather a group of risk … Read more

June 29, 2022, UNESCO Pre-Summit: “Educational Transformation”

Opened by the French Minister of National Education and Youth, Pap Ndiaye, as well as by the European Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainen (represented) and closed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, this event will take place within the framework of the pre-summit of the conference -or education organized in Paris by … Read more

National patent diploma session 2022

This year, 856,172 candidates registered in metropolitan France and in departments and regions abroad (DROM). They are divided into two series: 770,863 candidates in the overall series, ie -0.46% of candidates compared to 2021; 85,309 candidates in the professional series, ie + 4.77% compared to 2021. In French Polynesia, 4,405 candidates were registered for all … Read more

In memory of our fathers

On this Father’s Day eve, I am writing to pay tribute to the memory of my biological father who joined the Other World on July 20, 2018, almost 4 years ago now. From the beginning, I would like to introduce my comments by borrowing from Academician Jean d’Ormesson a quote that became famous, taken from … Read more

Antenna and media education coordinator | Classifieds | The Professional Radio and Media Newsletter

Now established on FM and DAB+ in Nantes, Cholet, Saint-Nazaire, La Roche-sur-Yon and soon Angers, the associative radio SUN is a local regional media that unites generations of people and residents interested in the news in their territory. It thrives on different lines: disseminating quality information, showcasing local talent and being a pioneer in the … Read more