Minuit sur Terre: a trendy vegan brand

Mary in Wonderland. A garden at the edge of the forest, surrounded by vines as far as the eye can see: here in this green Girondin setting, in the old family house, surrounded by animals (3 cats, 3 dogs and 3 horses) , which Marie Viard -Klein works with, with 2 of her colleagues, is … Read more

“We need to rethink our relationship with the animal”

– Morocco has recorded, to date, one confirmed case and another suspect of monkeypox as well as seven other suspected cases that have turned negative. Will MonkeyPox leave to rethink the link between man and animal? – That’s the whole point. If the future is pandemic, even more infections will become generalized and become pandemics. … Read more

National consultation, one of the keys to revitalizing public schools

The Benmoussa department identified significant education reform efforts, particularly through its initiative to engage in institutional debate with various stakeholders, to contribute to the development of its roadmap for the public school. Are we moving towards a better and more equitable education system? In response to a central oral question at the House of Councilors … Read more

Battlefield 2042: a 4.1 update will be available tomorrow, and it will remove the 128-player mode …

Far from being adopted by fans and curiosities, Forestry 2042 continues the chain of updates to raise the bar. On the next date, counted 4.1, will bring a major change to one of the most popular modes, starting tomorrow on pc, playstation and Xbox. The mode Success can be playable only on 64 players on … Read more

Rural sciences, a breeding ground for new researchers

Teach school students and college students, in rural areas, what the atom does; give them a chance to hold elections between students, to become the office of the scientific club of their school …, this is the bet launched by the Moroccan Association of Small Resourceful (AMPD), which has 21 schools and colleges , through … Read more

Egypt: Heating service business in a historic relationship

On May 9, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Choukri traveled to Morocco as part of an official visit at the invitation of his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita. The latter received him at the Moroccan Diplomacy headquarters in front of the historic city of Chellah. For some, this visit is like any foreign minister, but it is … Read more

Love stories in the Koran … Or if love is stronger than war

The Quran is rich in stories, each to be taught as follows. But from the beginning, the Koran warns us against any false interpretation: “So, We have told you some stories of the past and it is indeed a reminder from Us that We have brought you” (Surah Taha – V99). “We have sent many … Read more