“Metaverses and customer relations, a new field of possibilities”, Arnaud Bouchaud (Armatis)

Since its creation, the metaverse continues to be debated. Its definition and contours are not clear, and the interest shown in it remains mixed. While many studies and recent figures from Meta show a lack of enthusiasm among the general public for current platforms, the biggest tech events – like CES in Las Vegas – … Read more

A relationship that seeks more togetherness

Almost 600,000 Moroccans live in Belgium, according to estimates. People of Moroccan origin, whether they have Belgian nationality or a residence permit, make up 4% of the Belgian population. This shows how close and multifaceted the relationship between Rabat and Brussels is. “Relations are deeper because there is a large Moroccan community living in Belgium … Read more

France and Africa, a problematic relationship

– We are talking today about a crisis that does not speak its name between Morocco and France, do you share this observation? – More than what was said today, I can say one thing that I am sure of. The relations between Morocco and France are so unique, unique and mutually beneficial that I … Read more

In the love garden of Fatéma Mernissi

A literary, philosophical and sociological matter, love was thought of by Muslim philosophers and mystics such as Ibn Hazmou Ibn Qayim Al Jawziya. In the Western tradition, the interest shown in the analysis of this feeling comes from Durkheim until the recent work of Eva Ilouz, to name only sociologists. At the borders of sociology … Read more

The metaverse is not the future of videoconferencing

Gilles Bertaux, co-founder and CEO of Livestorm, deciphers the reasons for the enthusiasm around the metaverse and discusses its transposition to the videoconferencing sector and the obstacles to its integration into the professional world. Gilles Bertaux, co-founder and CEO of Livestorm Since the creation of the Internet, technology has continued to change the way we … Read more

The Alaouite throne and the Moroccan people

People in general, and those with a depth of culture and history like the Moroccans in particular, have a collective consciousness to fully understand their situation, including their relationship with their leaders. The Moroccan people know very well what binds them to the glorious throne of Alaouite and their great contribution to the history of … Read more

“The alliance in favor of an interoperable metaverse is more than ambiguous”, Quentin Tourbez (BEM Builders)

At first glance, the project seems attractive, one is attracted only by action: grouping to standardize techniques and tools to achieve a goal. For more than five years, all web 3.0 gamers have been calling for fewer internet barriers, fewer closed territories. In a simple announcement, through the press, we were informed to create a … Read more

Heart water stress in the 2nd edition of “Inwi Challenge”

Educational service electronic games are the motto of the Inwi operator through the “Inwi Challenge” program. The award ceremony for the 2nd edition of this program, hosted by Anas Belabbas, Co-Founder of DynITMaroc, took place on Friday July 1 at the training center and national meetings in Rabat, in the presence of Chakib Benmoussa, Minister … Read more

Formerly a Baccalaureate!

Since Friday, tens of thousands of young men and women are finally aware of the final result of their efforts. According to the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, 231,272 candidates enrolled in public and private education have passed the tests for the ordinary session of the standardized national exam for taking the 2022 … Read more

The mysticism of literature for the love of self and others

The idea of ​​“mysticism” refers to an interdisciplinary field: that of the Sufi writers of the Eastern tradition and of the spiritual poets of the Western tradition. It is not a field reserved for theology, especially as it is seen, as Atmane Bissani explains, as a mysterious language of love that spans centuries, nations and … Read more