The super consulting agency that builds customer loyalty

By Delta Agency for HEERO Posted 6 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago In the era of digitalization, companies face a new challenge, the management of their relationship with their customers. The expectations of online consumers are more demanding: a personalized experience, a clear offer and quality service are all assets that increase their loyalty. … Read more

Ivana and Donald Trump, 15 years in a whirlwind romance

The former U.S. president announced the death of his ex -wife on Thursday July 14. Back fifteen years in a tumultuous romance, between social nights, adultery and loud divorce. She was, long before the presidency, state scandals and accusations of sexual assault, Donald Trump’s first wife. Ivana Trump has died at the age of 73, … Read more

The Max Mara cruise 2023 fashion show, a declaration of love for Portugal in the voice of fado

On Tuesday night, the Italian house presented the cruise collection in the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon, featuring chic heroines with curved lines and a proud sexy look. A country where even black is the color and where saudade fado – this Portuguese blues – gives you a sense of sweet imagination … Read more

the asset management company that specializes in crypto-assets

Through Delta Agency for GOin Posted on 06/21/2022 at 6:22 pm Crypto-assets represent investments that allow you to diversify your financial investment. Bitcoin is just one example, as the crypto-asset market is growing at a pace that defies all predictions. DeFi, gaming, NFT, Metaverse, stablecoins, and more. : no shortage of crypto-asset investment strategies. Without … Read more

Charlene and Albert’s strange kiss in Monaco ‘does not express an image of sincere love’, the expert said

Stephen Bunard, a body language specialist, analyzed the actions of the prince couple during the official visit to Norway, organized on Wednesday June 22nd. “What we are given to see is not the representation of the most sincere love,” he said. Stephen Bunard, speaker, body language expert and author of Tell your actions what you … Read more

Hayley Atwell, Tom Cruise’s alleged ex-girlfriend, and great love for Captain America

By Lea Mabilon PUBLISHED yesterday at 4:19 p.m., Update 3 hours later Hayley Atwell at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, London. (UK, May 19, 2022.) Getty Photos According to some tabloids, the two actors have decided to end their romance. But who is the one who translates to Top Gun regularly visited for almost … Read more

the fusional relationship of David Beckham and his daughter Harper

By Lucie Lanzon Posted 10 minutes later, Update just now David and Harper Beckham during an NBA game. (Miami, April 19, 2022.) Getty Photos The former football star and his 10-year-old daughter are known to constantly show their complexity on social media. Even if it means that Internet users are sometimes uncomfortable. If there’s one … Read more

Courtney Love recounts how Johnny Depp saved his life with CPR after he overdose

The singer supported the actor in a series of Instagram videos, which were posted on Saturday, May 21, and have since been removed. She recounts how the actor saved her life and the life of her daughter. Javier Bardem, Sia, Eva Green, Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis … Many celebrities supported Johnny Depp during his legal … Read more

“Love is not a blackboard that can be erased in time to write a new story on it”

Once again, in The Other Woman, the Roman writer and director examines the chaos of love. In this story of manipulating the age of social networks, he offers his subtle, romantic and political look at the contemporary couple. In his new novel, The Other Woman, filmmaker and writer Cristina Comencini deals in a personal way … Read more

“We’re not going to love each other anymore, are we?”

They love each other, are happy together, but have little or almost no love. Testimonials and insights from experts. Valentine was 20 years old when he met Paul. They do not live in the same country. He left family, work and friends to join him. Ten years later, they are happy, crazy about their little … Read more