Labrador or golden retriever: how to separate them?

Average size, drooping ears, relatively long muzzle… Lots of physical similarity that doesn’t help differentiate the Labrador from the Golden Retriever. However, these two dog breeds are very different. How to identify them? the Labrador and the Golden retriever is among the favorite French dog breeds in 2021. Praised for their adaptability and their loving … Read more

Petit Brabançon: origin, size and character

Petit Brabançon is a small, playful and cunning dog attached to family members. the little brabancon belongs to the category of small Belgian dogs. It is known especially by its strong silhouette, more expressive head and short hair. Back to all practical information to keep in mind; from the beginning of the race to its … Read more

Bernese mountain dog: origin, size and character

The Bernese Mountain Dog is such a large dog that is sociable and obedient. Considered a giant different from the dog, the mountain dog bernese has an impressive stand. Calm and sociable, she is an ideal companion for the whole family. He is less aggressive, hardworking and playful for kids if asked. Back to the … Read more

Is your cat or dog too big? A few tips to help him get back in shape

A dog that is very large is not a healthy dog. A dog that will stay with you for a little while. And so it is with a cat. So if the animal like your life is overweight, don’t wait. There are ways to help him get back in shape without major difficulties or shortcomings. … Read more

What will happen to the animals on earth?

Can a dog or cat inherit from their master? The question seems too far -fetched, but it actually arises in many end -of -life cases when the animal remains the deceased’s last companion. If only recently recognized by law the animal as a living creature endowed with sensitivity, and no longer as a movable property, … Read more

Newfoundland: origin, size and character

Very gentle, Newfoundland is the family dog ​​par excellence. He is protective and attentive. With its unique appearance, the Newfoundland recognized as an exceptionally hardworking dog, as brave as it is intelligent. His origin Newfoundland demanded a lot of work. the source this breed dates back to the twelfthand century. Its name comes from … Read more