denouncing a toxic and tragic relationship via text message on Starzplay

SMOKE SCREEN On July 12, 2014, Conrad Roy III, who was 18 years old at the time, parked his van in a supermarket parking lot and killed himself by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide. After this tragedy, an investigation was opened and the girlfriend of the deceased, Michelle Carter, was quickly suspected of pushing the … Read more

fans of Love, Death & Robots and Black Mirror, throw yourself into Oats Studios

The films of Neill Blomkamp and his studio Oats land on Netflix on October 1, and they will please fans of Love, Death and Robots hope black mirror. Behind the name Oats Studios is Neill Blomkamp, ​​director of District 9. After a little burning his wings in Hollywood with Elysium and Chappienot meeting the expected … Read more

“20 years of love on television” Monday August 8 on M6 (video)

Summer is the season of love! On this occasion, M6 offers you, Monday August 8 from 9:10 pm, to celebrate 20 years of love by rediscovering the best moments of the greatest love and dating movies. on “Back merry-go-round” on “Love is in the pasture” passeth “The Bachelor”, “Married at First Sight”, “Les Zamours” or … Read more