[Opinion] In Mauritius, the incestuous relationship between the government and the private sector is in full swing

The incestuous relationship between the government and the private sector is not new, but it has been consolidated with public assistance through the MIC. This is how proud a Jean-Pierre Dalais is celebrating the 50th anniversary of CIEL Floréal Knitwear with its new space dedicated to textiles. The president of the CIEL group, Arnaud Dalais, … Read more

Arrival of a newborn: How to prepare your animal?

Preparation before giving birth Preparing your pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, should start before you give birth. In addition, if during your pregnancy, you notice that your pet has a different behavior, this is possible and normal. In fact, pregnancy hormones can cause some people to change their behavior. They may be … Read more

The Metaverse Will Open New Opportunities for Africa – And for the World

Solving these global issues requires coordination, time and hard work from all stakeholders. Africa has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, where startups and creators are leading a digital revolution well for a positive impact internationally. By developing technology that may one day shape the Metaverse, African leaders now have the opportunity … Read more

What is the secret of a happy and lasting couple?

Romantic relationships can play a major role in the mental and physical health of individuals. Satisfaction within the couple can also affect the well-being of children, productivity at work and motivation in daily life. But maintaining the same level of satisfaction as at the beginning of the relationship is, of course, a challenge! Can science … Read more