Bayonetta 3 is finally dated with a gameplay trailer introducing Viola, a Trinity Masquerade Edition and announcing Bayonetta 1!

Stop it all, he finally came back after many months without and until then a trailer, of course we were talking about the ghost ofUmbra on Platinum Games and therefore of Bayonneta 3 ! The players waiting for him at the turn of a Nintendo Direct it’s relaxing, kay the editor just shared a serious … Read more

Near Rouen. A love of body -focused cycling, this collector has found a real treasure

At Ymare, Philippe Marchini was not content to follow the Tour de France. For twenty years, the amateur cyclist has built an impressive collection around the little queen and big competitions. Philippe Marchini organized his little tour de France – Paris -Normandie Philippe Marchini presents a container belonging to Laurent Jalabert – Paris -Normandie The … Read more