Street Fighter 6: host platforms, release time, game modes, Jamie’s introduction and Chun-Li’s return in an explosive trailer

Opened in February with a cinematic teaser that will confuse you, street fighter 6 would have given us the news about him this summer and so he had a small start, because he a remarkable appearance during the State of the Game that night, revealing for the very first time it dramabut not only. In … Read more

Review Love my new boss – Manga

Mangaka has been active in Japan since 2014 in the field of yaoi only, Tammy Hakoishi was published for the first time in France since the end of April, in the Hana editions, with one of her most recent stories: Love my new employer, a mini-series whose 5 chapters were first published in Japan in … Read more

Review Vol.1 Love Me For Who I Am – Manga

Until recently, Akata was one of the major publishers that apparently addressed LGBT themes through various works in its catalog. Homosexuality, transidentity, non-binarity and other societal questions are at the center of a growing number of titles. Recently, Ototo took these topics using a new collection, “Mues”, whose first titles, Sex Education 120% and I … Read more