Dog domestication in Europe is older than we think

The subject of domestication of animals throughout history has been sensitive, and that of the wolf and the dog even more so! In fact, the questions of chronology or geography are many, and what has been established during a period can be questioned during a new discovery. But when did we start domesticating dogs? A … Read more

How much does your dog or cat cost? – Companies

October 4 is World Animal Day. The opportunity for the insurance broker, HelloSafe, to publish a study of the budget that we allocate to our beloved hairballs. A pet is an important item in the budget of its owner… Pure animal or canal “zinekke” The first cost is… the purchase of the animal. A cost … Read more

Brussels | Calling for a paradigm shift in Europe-Africa relations

A petition was launched, Monday night in Brussels, in favor of a paradigm shift governing relations between Europe and Africa, to better support the major unrest that has occurred in recent decades in the two side of the Mediterranean and around the world. During a conference-debate, organized by the association ” Friends of Morocco ” … Read more

Japanese EF Education reserve want to jump – News

Masahiro Ishigami, Hijiri Oda and Atsushi Oka all have something in common. In addition to belonging to the same structure of the EF Education-Nippo Development Team, the three Japanese have traveled to France in their careers. Masahiro Ishigami first arrived in France in 2017 at AVC Aix-en-Provence. In 2016, for his first Espoir year, he … Read more