Puppy fair in the Grande Halle d’Auvergne (Puy-de-Dôme): how to choose your animal well so that it is happy?

23 breeders (including two cat breeders) now gather in the Grande Halle d’Auvergne. French Spaniel, Golden Retriever, English Setter, Spitz, Pekinese, French Bulldog… Many dog ​​breeds are represented, but not only… Some cats also carry their nose. Among them, selkirk rex, also known as sheep cat because of their curly coat. According to a breeder, … Read more

These two dogs from the Var gendarmerie help minor victims of violence

Never mind that we met two new recruits of the Var gendarmerie. Because Rémus and Everest, in post since the beginning of September at the Family Protection House located in Valletta, are more like walking all four steps than step. The first was a brave Cavalier King Charles; the second, a loyal Labrador. Both displayed … Read more

What is an assistance dog for?

The service dog then plays an important role in the daily work of the disabled. adobe-stock Anyone with a visual, hearing, motor or mental disability can accommodate an assistance dog. When can an assistance dog be useful? What breeds can be assistance dogs? What is the difference between a guide dog? Our answers. The dog, … Read more

How to choose your hunting dog?

By Le Figaro Posted on 09/17/2021 at 5:12 pm, Update on 08/24/2022 at 15:38 hunting dogs Go to slideshow (8) Can you imagine a hunter without his dog? No. This faithful companion is the hunter’s best friend. And for good reason, not content with accompanying him, he is the valuable ally of a successful hunting … Read more

Can a dog sleep outside in the winter?

Can dogs fight the cold? Can they sleep outside the house? Are some breeds more suitable? Our answers. Different cold tolerance. Some breeds of dogs withstand winter temperatures well, especially those from northern countries or with long, dense hair. On the contrary, some are cold, very sensitive to cold: very short-haired or dwarf breeds. So … Read more

Top 8 Cute Animals That Kill Humans Terrifyingly

We’ve already told you about cute animals that are really big assholes, but if you don’t believe us… Did you know that some cute animals actually kill people? Yes, people, yes! If you are told to watch appearances, bug! 1. The dog killed his mistress by biting An absolutely wicked story. Elisa Pilarski was 29 … Read more