Renewable Energy: Its Benefits And Drawbacks

Renewable Energy: Its Benefits And Drawbacks

Renewable energy has many benefits

To start with, it’s good to think about the benefits of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels, like coal and gas. Here are a few important reasons to use renewable energy:

Renewable energy sources will not run out, so they will not run out

When you call something “renewable,” it means that it will not run out soon. There is a good chance that the sun will be shining every day for at least 4.5 to 5.5 billion years. This means that we can call the sun a renewable source of energy. This might be the most crucial difference between renewable energy and fossil fuel.

Renewable energy is always there

Fossil fuels are always at the center of disputes and wars between countries. On the other hand, renewable energy sources can be quickly and peacefully taken over. People can use renewable energy sources despite trade laws, political instability, territorial claims, and market chaos. Renewable energy sources aren’t spread out evenly, but if you have an intelligent and vast energy network, you can use them as a reliable energy source.

Renewable energy is good for the environment

Renewable energy origins are sources of energy that come from nature, so they can be called clean. Renewable energy technologies can make some emissions, but in the long run, very little carbon and GHG will be released into the environment when they are used. There is a big difference between them and fossil fuels when you compare them. Using renewable energy, we can avoid environmental disasters like global warming, climate change, and dirty air.

Renewable energy can help improve public health

We’ll have cleaner air and soil by cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Public health will get better as a result of this. People will then live happier lives. In addition, having a healthy population will cut down on how much money people and governments have to spend on health each year. Scientists have tried to make them better to make fossil fuel technologies less polluting but not less efficient. As far as I know, renewable energy technologies are still much better for the environment than traditional technologies.

Renewable technologies do a lot of jobs

Some renewable technologies can positively affect the economy, even though they also hurt the environment. This is especially important in some areas that don’t have much money. This new and stable job market can help people in poor neighborhoods.

With a lot of work and intelligent investment, renewable jobs can help people worldwide get out of poverty. Also, it can stop people from moving from the countryside to cities. Governments can give them a fair share of the money they make from renewable electricity on their farms. Many jobs have already been done in the renewable energy field in countries like the UK because of government grants.

Less money is spent on maintaining renewable technologies

The parts that move or burn less when you look at renewable energy technologies than when you look at fossil fuel power plants. Solar energy systems don’t need any rotating parts. You can see turbines in wind farms and hydropower stations, but they don’t need them. If you do this, renewable energy technologies will last longer, which means you will spend less money on maintenance and repair. It costs less to run a renewable energy station than running a traditional power station.

Renewable energy can help keep energy prices stable

Every day, there are changes in the price of oil. There is a lot that renewable energy can do to help with this. Renewable energy can help lessen these problems and make the global energy market more stable. Because renewable energy only requires an initial investment, and you don’t need any fuels, it’s a good idea to use it.

On the other hand, using traditional technologies requires a lot of money for fossil fuel prices, which are always going up. When nations cut back on their use of fossil fuels, the prices in this market will move more smoothly.

Renewable energy can help countries become more economically independent

With a network of renewable energy technologies spread out worldwide, countries that don’t have a lot of fossil fuel resources can lessen their energy dependence. Local people can use renewable technologies to make electricity and help their governments cut back on oil imports. This will reduce the chance of an energy crisis and help the countries grow more sustainably.

Leftovers can be used to make new things

In the whole world, there are a lot of issues with landfills. Good to know that some renewable energy technologies can use leftovers and cut down on the number of waste materials piled up in landfills, which is good to know. Biomass energy, such as biomass boilers, has a good thing: It can use old organic materials as fuel. In this case, we can destroy two birds with one rock. This is an excellent way to do that. First, cutting down on landfills’ size and then making energy without paying for fossil fuels.

Renewable energy has some drawbacks

Now, let’s look at some things that make it hard to use renewable energy.

Not All the Time: Renewable Energy Is Not Available All the Time

Renewable sources of energy are natural forces that are very dependent on the weather. When the weather is terrible, you won’t be able to use renewable energy technologies like solar cells as much as you can. Because PV panels can’t make electricity when it rains, you must go back to traditional power sources. When we use renewable technologies, there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen.

Because renewable technologies don’t work very well, their efficiency is low

Each type of energy needs a different technology to turn it into electricity. Efficiency is significant when deciding which energy sources to use first. It’s a shame, but the efficiency of renewable technologies isn’t as high as that of traditional energy conversion devices. If you want to buy solar panels on the market, their efficiency can be from 15% to 20%. Traditional technologies also use coal or natural gas to be more efficient up to 40% and 60%.

The cost of renewable energy at the start is very high

Considering how much energy we can get from renewable technologies, their start-up costs can be very high and sometimes impossible to pay for. The manufacturing and installation costs of renewable energy devices like PV panels are high. That’s why governments are setting aside a lot of money, like grants for solar panel projects, to help these technologies grow.

Renewable Energy Sites Take up a lot of lands

To get the power of nature, we need a lot of space. People who work with renewable energy will have many problems because this will happen. In contrast to traditional power plants, we need to use more land to set up renewable energy farms.

Renewable Energy Devices need to be recycled

Using renewable energy sources to make electricity causes less pollution than fossil fuels. It’s still possible to make renewable devices that could cause a lot of corruption when they’re made and thrown away. It’s not suitable for solar cells to last long, so we throw them away. So we are required to think about how to recycle these things.

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