Create a path for readers | No dogs on public transportation

Most readers responded to the call for everyone The Press, Tuesday, on the possibility of accepting dogs on public transport spoke out against this change, studied by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM). Nearly three-quarters of the 300 respondents did not like animals on buses and on the metro, as suggested by the Ensemble … Read more

A third of French households have a dog, according to a survey

Among French people without a dog, 21% say they want to adopt one, revealing the first barometer “Dogs and the French”. 84% of French people love dogs! In a country with more than 7.5 million specimens, man’s closest friend is in 33% of homes, revealed on Wednesday the results of the first barometer “Dogs and … Read more

A newcomer to the dog food market, Kookapi stands up for its commitment to animal life and the planet.

© Kookapi Feeding your dog in a different way, which contributes to the preservation of the planet and without compromising the well -being of your pet. This is KOOKAPIa brand new kibble that doesn’t hesitate to shake up old ideas about animal feeding. Is meat important in the diet of our dogs? The founders of … Read more

How do you deal with the death of your dog?

Whether sudden or unexpected due to chronic illness, the death of a dog is a daunting ordeal for its owner. Although we know that we will face this painful event at some point, we are never prepared for it. The dog is a complete member of the family. When he disappears, he leaves a void, … Read more

Lidl dog pool under 40 €

Summer is almost here and the heat that comes with it and our pets will need, like us, to cool off. What could be better for them than bathing in fresh water ?! From Thursday April 21, 2022, find the Lidl dog pool in your stores for just € 39.99. This pool is specially designed … Read more