origin, size, health, diet and behavior

The Belgian Griffon is rather a small pup from the Griffon variety, called “Smousje”. He had a great need to hunt rats from the stable. Where did the Belgian griffon puppy come from? Belgian Griffon walking in a park Credit: Okssi68 See also Originally from Belgium, the Belgian griffin Griffon Bruxellois belongs to the genus … Read more

National education, pension reform: McKinsey on the grill

Illustration Tuesday, January 18 during the hearing of Karim Tadjeddine, associate director of McKinsey in the Paris office, where he is simultaneously responsible for public sector activity, and Thomas London, associate director of McKinsey in the Paris office, responsible for health and public sector activity in France. The rapporteur of the commission of inquiry, Éliane … Read more

a successful third and final season for modern Netflix romance?

love, the pretty modern romance from Netflix, has just finished its third and final season around the love adventures of Mickey and Gus. Did this final episode of Judd Apatow’s series succeed in its conclusion? SPOILER WARNING! THE RECAP love tells the story of two thirty years: Gus (Paul Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs). The … Read more

Metaverse Pioneer Infinite Reality, Inc. To Get Entertainment Conglomerate ReKTGlobal Into Landmark Half Billion Dollar Deal

As part of the deal, Infinite Reality will merge ReKT’s four key business divisions, which include esports franchises, marketing and partnership services, talent management, and technology products. Infinite Reality’s global vision is reinforced by ReKt’s previous acquisition of content creation and marketing company Greenlit Content; renowned digital media agency Fearless Media; fan engagement and monetization … Read more

My dog ​​pees when he’s happy: why?

It’s the same thing every time: when your dog is happy, he’ll bark! This habit you can’t tolerate and your dog doesn’t seem to be able to control his bladder. How do you mean your dog urinates when he is happy? How to fix it? Here is everything you need to know about it. Hyperemotivity … Read more

Special programming: Education, new issues

Throughout the year, from Matins to the powerful offering of knowledge programs, by choosing its themes and its visitors, by favoring ideas over opinions, France Culture has positioned itself as a media partner. in education. . On January 24, Culture of France committed to International Education Day with a special on-air program, its contribution to … Read more

HR & Metaverse: how do they come together?

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Metaverse is the bright future of the Internet. More concretely, it is a parallel world that works thanks to augmented reality, also called XR or cross reality. The latter combines virtual reality and augmented reality. Therefore, Metavers aims to transcribe various shared virtual spaces, which can be accessed … Read more

the teachers shouted at their tiredness

January 21, 2022 | Contaminated children, disoriented parents and breathless teachers… were the areas of the national strike on Thursday January 13, 2022. In all, 75,500 people mobilized in France against the waltz of health protocols in education. primary and secondary. The CFTC returned to this strike at unprecedented magnitude. For two years now, education … Read more