Franck Le Moal, CIO at LVMH: “The metaverse will reconnect the customer with the history and knowledge of our products.”

The metaverse – or Web3 – is a widespread new concept that few people can understand. But the excitement is very real: many big luxury brands are already spending millions to reserve a place in this similar world. This is the case with the LVMH group, which has begun adapting its multi-channel strategy to explore … Read more

Is dog clothing really useful?

Dogs have a similar relationship to cold as humans. In fact, some doggies can withstand the brutality of winter very well, to the point, for some, that they enjoy rolling in the snow and getting out in the rain or strong winds, while others suffer from heavy- os whip of these climate changes. Some breeds … Read more

Mutual assistance: the key to good orientation in Limoux

Student volunteers from Jacques-Ruffié high school used their final years of high school for the benefit of the youngest for a week, in early April, dedicated to their orientation. Health and entrepreneurship professionals joined them to discuss their journeys. When students are asked about their future direction, their ideas are often unclear or guided by … Read more

UNICEF and BTS celebrated the success of the pre -existing LOVE MYSELF campaign

Seoul/New York, October 6, 2021 – UNICEF, record label BIGHIT MUSIC and 21st century pop icons BTS marked the unprecedented success of the LOVE MYSELF campaign this week, reaching almost every country in the world with a positive message of love and self-care. Since 2017, LOVE MYSELF has generated nearly five million tweets and more … Read more

The first hospital in the metaverse

You are also interested [EN VIDÉO] Apple Glass: everything we know about Apple’s future augmented reality glass Apple Glass, Apple’s connected glass, isn’t expected before 2021 or 2022. But rumors are already circulating about features, design and price. Imagine a complete virtual health care facility that allows you to immerse yourself. avatar in the situation … Read more