on the night of “love” at the Rodin museum, we didn’t stay untouched

DIDTO KAMI – For five years, the institution has opened its doors to lovers for a special night on February 14. Around the famous kiss of the sculptor, champagne and music make hearts beat faster. Lips looking at each other, one suddenly carved in pure marble and suspended for eternity. The kiss, a masterpiece by … Read more

Metaplay, An Unique Online Metaverse Design Course Launched For Students

London [UK]April 16 (ANI/PNN): A unique 3-week online course was launched for design students, focusing on designing metaverse entertainment spaces. The Design Futures Foundation (DFF), USA, in partnership with Dezact, UK and Avani Institute of Design, India, has launched an online course titled “MetaPlay” to highlight the potential and vitality of new technologies such as … Read more