6 anecdotes where a dog amazes his master thanks to his wisdom

© Marcus Wallis Dogs never stop to surprise us or amaze us, especially with their intelligence. These stories are there to prove it. Anyone who has lived or interacted with one or more dogs has experienced how bright these creatures are. The intelligence they displayed in various situations frightened us. That only adds to the … Read more

NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse Change the Way Scientists Research

Scientists can take advantage of blockchain tools, such as intelligent contracts and tokens, to enhance collaboration in scientific endeavors between different stakeholders. This so -called decentralized science activity, or DeSci for short, combines blockchain and Web3 technologies to advance scientific research. DeSci’s main goal is greater participation and funding when it comes to scientific challenges, … Read more

The collie: origin, size and character

In great beauty, the collie is a calm dog that loves contact with children. the collie (or collie) is a dogs suitable for family life, enjoyment of physical activities and daily walks. To keep your dog in good shape, here is some practical and useful information specific to this breed. His origin The collie is … Read more

Presidential 2022. Nathalie Arthaud: “We need to spend money, time, teachers, on education”

As the presidential election approaches, l’Etudiant asked the candidates about their measures in favor of youth and about education if they are elected on April 24, 2022. Orientation, risk, job access , equal opportunities… Nathalie Arthaud, candidate for Lutte Ouvrière, defends her program for youth. Candidate for the third consecutive time in the presidential election … Read more

A teacher victim of homophobia criticizes the inaction of National Education, the rectorate denies and condemns the allegations

A teacher from Jean Lurçat high school in Perpignan has been fighting for 8 years against what he considers administrative silence in National Education. Victim of ridicule, insults and homophobic acts on the part of one of these comrades, he called for punishments against him, in vain. However, he was twice sentenced to justice. The … Read more

Employment relationship qualification: find the subordination link

The existence of an employment contract does not depend on the will of the parties. In fact, judges are not obligated to the qualification you provide in a contract. The subordination relationship thus makes it possible to distinguish the employee from the self-employed worker. The Court of Cassation recalled the meaning of this important criterion … Read more