Sylvester Stallone’s NFT Collection Is One Of Hollywood’s Largest Involvements In The Metaverse

Image source: Getty Images Sylvester Stallone’s new NFT collection could make Metaverse the perfect place to tap into your pop culture fandom. Key points Sylvester Stallone’s groundbreaking NFT Project bridges the gap between digital-only value and real-life experiences. PlanetSLY is one of the largest Metaverse-centric promotions in Hollywood. Metaverse is the future of fandom and … Read more

Poverty, level of education drew war lines in the French elections

Noticing people’s frustration with running inflation, Le Pen focused his campaign away from the usual anti-immigration and Eurosceptic message on how it can help restore families ’budgets. Macron won 27.8% of the vote ahead of Le Pen’s 23.2% in the first round of voting on Sunday, but there are many regional differences in the electoral … Read more

The kiss, barometer of the couple’s relationship

The romantic kiss will serve above all to try and choose the right partner to keep it going. What’s in the kiss? What is its purpose, its purpose? Many theories exist and, in general, one says that the “French kiss” plays an important role in relationships between individuals because it operates in three important areas: … Read more