About two new books

About two new books

Two books were recently published in Editions Confluences and I was very happy to review. They are very different genres and this is also one of the reasons why I enjoy reading them, story on one side, biography on the other. Very nice picture of a woman offered by Claire Jacquet (Claire Jacquet director of … Read more

Five years of reforms and some hiccups… The results of Jean-Michel Blanquer of the Ministry of National Education

It’s kind of a paradox: Jean-Michel Blanquer broke the record for longevity in the position of Minister of National Education, while alienating a good portion of teachers, to a level rarely equivalent to his predecessors. The school environment will remember his passing and his many reforms. Even more so, regret the unions. The school, construction … Read more

Villepreux – When man and animal become one

The second edition of Sustainable Development Week will take place from May 13 to 21 in Villepreux. “This year’s strong theme is inclusion, disability, a major municipal factor voted on by the municipal council for 2022”, introduces the municipal website. Along with the program’s many activities, it is inspired by 17 sustainable development goals, such … Read more

Is Yannick Noah ready to find love again? The singer has been recounting her selibacy since their breakup with Isabelle Camus

Is Yannock Noah ready to bring a new woman into his life? The only French tennis player to win Roland-Garros relied on his celibacy. In September 2020, our colleagues from Here is the reveals that Yannick Noah and Isabelle Camus split up after seventeen years of love and a boy named Jehoiachin. Must wait more … Read more