It’s Essential To Choose The Right Nitrogen Generator For Your Business

It's Essential To Choose The Right Nitrogen Generator For Your Business

From aerospace and engineering to food packaging and more, nitrogen generation systems are used in many different places worldwide. After all, for businesses that need a lot of nitrogen for storage, production, or transportation, it’s better to make it on-site than buy it in bulk from a third-party supplier.

With your on-site nitrogen generator, you can take advantage of this free source. For help deciding if nitrogen generation is right for your business, call Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. They have professionals who can reply to your questions. People at our company can make sure you get the right nitrogen generator for your business by figuring out your needs in terms of things like applications and how much you use it.

What Type of Nitrogen Generator do you need to make nitrogen for your project?

If your company needs a nitrogen generator, it will depend on your business and how much nitrogen you need. If you have a pressure swing adsorption generator, you can get close to 100% nitrogen purity levels for flows up to 1100 NM3/h. This makes them ideal for plastic molding, metallurgy, purging analyzers, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage applications.

Membrane technology is another way to make nitrogen. This type of generator lets you change the purity level from 95 percent to 99.5 percent, and it can flow up to 500 m3/h. People who work in the oil and gas industry and mining, marine applications, tire inflation, fire prevention, and some food and beverage applications should use this.

Details to Think About

They come in a wide range of sizes and models, which is why nitrogen generators are suitable for so many different things. So you can find the best system for your current and future needs without having to change your needs to fit what’s on the market, which can be challenging. What else should you glimpse into before buying a nitrogen generator for your business? These are some of the things you need to think about:

If you buy a nitrogen generator that is too big for your needs, it could end up costing you money that you didn’t need to spend. If, on the other hand, your use of nitrogen far exceeds the capacity of your nitrogen generation system, you may have problems and slowdowns with your production line. So, it is crucial to figure out how much nitrogen your daily operations need to make the best decision.

Purity Requirements: Some applications require a higher level of purity than others. If, for example, you work in a field like food packaging, it is crucial to have an end product that has as little to no oxygen as possible. Membrane technology and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology are two ways to make nitrogen at the same place where you work.

Each system has the same goal, but membrane nitrogen generators are usually used for applications that need nitrogen that is less than 99.5 percent pure. On the other hand, PSA nitrogen generators are more common in applications where purity levels need to be higher than 99.5 percent.

There must be enough space in your facility to fit a nitrogen generator for it to be set up. The scope of the system you require will help you figure out how much space you need. As a good thing, our technical experts can look at your site and help you figure out what type of system will perform best for you while also making sure it meets your exact needs.

Nitrogen Generator Cost: There may be an upfront cost for nitrogen generation products, but if you buy one now, you’ll have a steady supply of gas, which will save you money in the long run. Return on investment is usually seen between 6 and 18 months. Depending on your business and what kind of system you choose, prices will change. Contact us today to get a quick and accurate quote.

Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. can help you find nitrogen generators for your business that use membranes and PSAs

Shop for your nitrogen generator with these things in mind so Compressed Gas Technologies Inc can help you choose the right one. We like to operate closely with you to figure out how much nitrogen you need and how you use your business so that we can do a complete analysis.

This is how our Membrane and PSA nitrogen generators can help your business run more efficiently and use new technologies that are both environmentally and cost-friendly: For us, it’s not just about making sure we can supply our clients with high-quality nitrogen generation products. We also want to help them choose the right nitrogen generator for their current and future needs.

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