INTERVIEW GAWAS. Villa 7: “The chemistry we have is indescribable” Cassandra discusses her relationship with Giovanni

On FB – Posted on 15 Apr 2022 at 17:26 In an interview given by melty’s editorial, Cassandra returns to her relationship with Giovanni but also to the adventure she experienced at La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 7. As of Monday, March 28, 2022, TFX broadcasts of unseen episodes of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés … Read more

Why my relationship with men is complicated

“A lot of things bothered me,” Pauline explained, “especially my complicated relationships with men. For others, professional life and so on, I think I’ve always done well. Robert Neuburger: Do you have children? Paulina: Two girls aged 16 and 14. I have been separated from their father for eight years. Robert Neuburger: What happened? Paulina: … Read more

7 things that should never be allowed

Today, our culture continues to dismiss and romance some of the couple’s toxic behavior. That’s why it’s not easy to spot warning signs (or red flags) in our own romantic relationship. Confidence, jealousy, refusal to argue, the indifferent and mysterious personality… most of us have already endured it. It’s time to talk about what should … Read more

YouTube and French rap: the story of a close relationship

Parodies, decryption, analysis and first listening: on Youtube, there is no shortage of content related to French rap. And for good reason, the explosion in the number of platform creators and the widespread democratization of rap in France have experienced an explosion at relatively similar times. So since the mid-2010s, many videographers have found their … Read more

2022: Customer relationships face increased uncertainty

We witness sometimes helplessness, sometimes indifference, sometimes standing up against all the hardships to major riots that affect organizations, these riots are not without accompanying promises made to employees, to the team driven at the customer relationship front! The stakes are high. Whatever the changes, solutions exist, however, they still need to be effectively implemented… … Read more


The ATLANTIC team strengthens their security and creates a relationship of trust with ANETYS Victim of a cyberattack in December 2020, GROUPE ATLANTIC called on NEXTEDIA (Euronext Growth Paris, FR0004171346 ALNXT), a cybersecurity expert through its subsidiary ANETYS, to revive and sustain the operation of its French production network. Affected by a major cyberattack, the … Read more

Canada’s French CCI “Connecting and providing visibility”

What are the missions of the French CCI in Canada? Our role is to chair the Franco-Canadian business committee. We are an association under local law, recognized as a public utility in France. Our commercial anchoring services are recognized as “Solutions Team France Export”* in Montreal to support French companies in their implementation projects. Our … Read more