Voodoo – French “hyper casual” game startup has invested $ 200M in blockchain

The explosive clash between the gaming world and blockchain technology is drastically changing the video game industry. Especially in the new field of Play to Earn, with possibilities as significant as the rejection shown by some users. A virtual economy directly linked to cryptocurrencies and intended for real wages and monetization. And an operating model … Read more

Hypersensitive and hyperamorous: power emotions in 10

By Tiphaine Honnet Posted on 01/13/2022 at 11:45, Update on 01/31/2022 at 7:17 pm Because the slightest emotion echoes in them like the bells of Notre-Dame, hypersensitive people struggle with even more love lusts. Getty Photos Because the slightest emotion echoes in them like the bells of Notre-Dame, hypersensitive people struggle with even more love … Read more

These couples to last: Louise Turcot and Gilles Renaud reveal their advice for a lasting relationship

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what are the conditions?

Have you ever entered into a commercial contract and wanted to terminate it, or did your partner contractor suddenly decide to terminate all contractual relationships with you? You wonder what it is abusive dissolution in a business relationship and what is condition what is its nature? We mean it to you! Definition of business relationship … Read more

The UN has established a formal and lasting relationship in Afghanistan with the Taliban – Liberation

The Security Council approved a draft resolution designed to anchor the UN presence in Afghanistan in the future. A text that does not correspond to the official recognition of the new power of Islam. The UN Security Council on Thursday approved a resolution establishing a formal and lasting relationship with the Taliban Afghanistan, against a … Read more

Shopping: yes, having good relationships can make a difference

Philippe Massiéra, associate professor of strategic marketing at the School of Management Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal (Photo: courtesy) Many contractors who have to buy parts and components in Quebec are tearing their hair out because of the supply crisis. However, they are likely to come up with one approach that accelerates … Read more

Yannick (Married at first sight) in love, he formalizes his relationship with a singer

After a divorce and a huge love disappointment, Yannick had every reason to give birth. But it’s not because the former candidate of “Married at first sight” season 5 has met true love! And in her Instagram story she formalized her relationship with her new boyfriend. Objeko reveals all about this love story! ‘Married at … Read more