AirRes Mask Wants to Make the Metaverse A Little More Realistic

We experience virtual reality through glasses and controllers, but the new mask gives us a first-hand view of the potentially intimidating Metaverse experience. Virtual and augmented reality would have allowed us to easily get to places we can’t reach or experience things that are impossible according to the laws of physics. Being able to roam … Read more

We (Skimmed) Read the Meta Meta Manifesto So You Don’t Have to… – TechCrunch

Recently crowned chairman of world affairs for Meta, Nick Clegg – who in the past was literally Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – made a living in California by writing a manifesto of nearly 8,000 words to promote “the Metaverse”: aka, the sci-fi-inspired vapourware company we all know as Facebook is set for … Read more


IBC joins a number of companies and brands that have entered this new, yet unexplained digital territory where the convergence of physical and virtual worlds comes together to create a “mixed reality”, and the B2B community and consumers can immerse themselves in an imaginary web3 virtual. meta-marketplace, where all aspects of the cannabis industry, including … Read more

a springboard for luxury brands in the digital world?

Luxury, often known for its appeal, its exclusivity, tradition, its uniqueness, is one of the most promising sectors of Web3.0 and especially with the advent of NFTs. These digital things have come to create new service experiences for luxury brands to attract a new generation, change, change interactions, risk “violation “in the traditional codes of … Read more

the five favorite strategies of brands to make their place in the virtual world

The digital universe is not a new concept, and while the fashion industry has quickly become interested in it, the presence of players in the digital world sector has grown exponentially in recent years. . In summary, 2022 will be the year of digital integration and metaverse activation. A new report from Fashionbi identifies the … Read more