HR & Metaverse: how do they come together?

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Metaverse is the bright future of the Internet. More concretely, it is a parallel world that works thanks to augmented reality, also called XR or cross reality. The latter combines virtual reality and augmented reality. Therefore, Metavers aims to transcribe various shared virtual spaces, which can be accessed … Read more

Financial giant Fidelity Investments has launched metaverse and crypto ETFs

The world’s fourth-largest asset management company launched a total of seven new funds on April 21. Individual investors and financial advisors will be able to buy them at no commission through on Fidelity’s online brokerage platforms. Two new crypto ETFs for Fidelity In response to investor demand, Fidelity has launched two new crypto-themed funds. The … Read more

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaverse

By Richard Eisenberg, Next path NurPhoto via Getty Images Every now and then, a new buzzword seems to come out on the left and suddenly as ubiquitous. Currently, that word is “metaverse,” meaning the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets or augmented reality (AR) glasses or apps to make the internet more interactive and 3D. … Read more

McDonald’s To Enter The Metaverse, Trademark Files For Virtual Restaurants, Goods And Services

What is the Metaverse? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and many others believe the future of the internet is known as “the metaverse.” Anyone is Virtual McRib? McDonald’s filed a trademark filing for a virtual fast-food restaurant, as well as virtual products and services, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in February, jumping to … Read more

The start of the 2022 school year will take place in the metaverse

Metaverse has entered the world of education with the launch of the first educational virtual world, MetaKwark. With more than 15 member campuses, including the MediaSchool group, this immersive world will allow education stakeholders to facilitate learning. The metaverse for higher education The metaverse, the same virtual world called the future of the internet, has … Read more

Bandai Namco’s Gundam ‘Metaverse’ Dream Blends Esports, Web3, and Gunpla

Bandai Namco invested heavily in the vague idea of ​​the metaverse, and it started with the so-called “Gundam Metaverse Project” first. Here’s a summary of Bandai Namco’s broad metaverse vision, from the March release. (I warn you that there is a lot of jargon ahead.) The new mid-term plan will introduce a new way to … Read more

Prepare for Metaverse and Web3

It is a new field of digital innovation and technology that is transforming human actions and interactions, and aims to shift the boundaries of connection and commercialization. It is also a new world of security risks, vulnerabilities, and legitimate user concerns. As these innovations break down the boundaries of human interaction, they also provide new … Read more