The first convoy of Jews to Auschwitz, the Nazi official and his captive: true story of a taboo love

Reading time: 5 min The picture is stunning: it looks like a holiday photo, except that it was taken in a concentration-extermination- camp, and that the young beauty resting was imprisoned there. Helena Citrónová was one of 999 women on the first official Jewish convoy to Auschwitz in March 1942. In her striped dress, she … Read more

Patrick Puydebat (The Mysteries of Love) is married! The wise wedding of the translator Nicolas

In a relationship with Magali, actor Patrick Puydebat, who plays Nicolas ’character in TMC’s series The Mysteries of Love, married quietly with his partner last summer, as revealed here in Paris Wednesday May 18, 2022. Often known for his role as Nicolas in the iconic 90s sitcom Helen and the boys, Patrick Puydebat has now … Read more

How to tell the difference between love and desire? Neuroscience has the answers

©© LOIC VENANCE / AFP thanks to science Love, desire, simple attraction … How to recognize these feelings and what happens to our brain when we fall in love? Atlantico: How does our brain differentiate between loving intimacy and desire? Aurora Malet: In this specific case, we need to recognize the pure emotional intimacy we … Read more

6 ways to love yourself more

Are you well on your way to self -acceptance? Have you learned to forgive yourself and accept your reflection in the mirror? Occasionally, you will experience recurrences that make you very low in terms of self -confidence …? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. What if we told you we were back today with 6 new … Read more