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Diana Widmaier-Picasso is behind the exhibit “Maya Ruiz-Picasso, son of Paul” at the Picasso Museum in Paris. A dedication for the artist’s first daughter, but also for one who devoted her time to her grandfather’s work. The last time we met him was to talk about his brand of 24-carat gold jewelry called Mené. Creatures … Read more

“Some are different on set”

Cinema-TV-Reviews TV Published on Sunday, April 17, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. By Michael Hess (DR) Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue This Sunday, Sandrine Dans will reveal the birth of ten new farmers who will try to break their celibacy. But are these carefully selected farmers there to find love? Investigation. For the fourteenth season of Love is in … Read more

Alex Cormont, love coach: “I’m writing a book for the general public that allows you to take your life in hand”

the necessity Alex Cormont, who presents himself as the number 1 love coach in France, was recently released Write your caption!, a book on personal development. He is at a signing session on Thursday April 7 at 5:30 pm at Fnac in Toulouse. Maintenance. What is your background? I was set to become a professional … Read more

Christmas on all floors of TF1: what is the value of this French Love Actually with Max Boublil and Caroline Anglade? – Movie news

TF1 aired the TV movie “Christmas on all floors” tonight, with Caroline Anglade, Max Boublil, Lannick Gautry, Marie-Anne Chazel, and even Jarry. A romantic comedy rooted in “Love Actually” that sounds nice but lacks originality. What is it about? On Christmas Eve, we want everything to be perfect and usually everyone can get rid of … Read more

Health protocol: From Ibiza with love …

While principals, headteachers and teachers await the protocol to be applied to return from the holidays, JM Blanquer is on vacation in Ibiza. Mediapart revealed that the interview published by Le Parisien on the night of January 2 was conducted from the Balearic island. A situation that the minister hid in government questions on January … Read more