Should human details be sent to hypothetical extraterrestrial civilizations? Scientists are divided

A NASA project aims to send data about our planet to intelligent life forms that may inhabit the galaxy. A bad idea for some scientists. A “galaxy beacon”. This is how the name of NASA’s project to send a message across the galaxy in hopes of establishing contact with potential extraterrestrials can be interpreted. The … Read more

These fossils suggest that life on Earth already existed over 4 billion years ago!

At the beginning of XXand century there is reason to believe that the planets and, in fact, the planetary systems are unique in the visible universe. We now know that they are almost inevitable around main order stars. What to think of the shape of Life in earth ? a large fluke with a very … Read more

Pays de Lozère: the Montessori approach, more than a pedagogy, a mess of everyday life

For months, Aubrac’s specialist reception center in Saint-Germain-du-Teil has been applying the empowerment-based approach. The results are more than conclusive. Report. “They are at home, they have the choice.“Based on this logic, Nathalie Gaumond-Plaza, the director of the Aubrac Specialized Reception Center (Mas), located in Saint-Germain-du-Teil, can only attest to the implementation of Montessori pedagogy … Read more

Ecology: how is education for sustainable school improvement?

What is Education for Sustainable Progress? Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the school is a project that is not new. For several decades now, the National Education Department has been proposing and implementing actions to raise awareness among students from kindergarten upwards, a approach that has only recently been strengthened. “This is a global … Read more

Blizzard has unveiled Dragonflight, the next WoW expansion! – World of Warcraft

Blizzard announced just now Dragonflightthe next expansion of World of Warcraft. Get ready to return to the battle of Azeroth with Alexstrasza! Note: More information will be added to this evening news. announcements Blizzard has announced Dragonflight, a new expansion for WoW. A new breed, the Drac’thyr. There is a human form. You have access … Read more

Bagnols-sur-Cèze: College students from Le Bosquet reveal themselves in their fraternity fresco

Thanks to PJJ and the teaching team, an inspiring project for struggling students. “I draw shapes, you color them, with light colors. Darker than still used for shadows and outlines”, as Grumo, actor, to a group of students from Le Bosquet. Over the past week, a happy group – teenagers, artists and teachers – have … Read more

CNIL is proposing a new “sandbox” to support digital innovation in the field of education

Flexible, collaborative regulation near the field The CNIL has decided, in 2021, to increase traditional tools for supporting innovation by setting up a “sandbox”, in a logic of flexible and open regulation of emerging issues. This system provides selected new projects with strengthened support, close to the field, by 2022. The goal is to provide … Read more