Ecology: how is education for sustainable school improvement?

What is Education for Sustainable Progress? Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the school is a project that is not new. For several decades now, the National Education Department has been proposing and implementing actions to raise awareness among students from kindergarten upwards, a approach that has only recently been strengthened. “This is a global … Read more

Blizzard has unveiled Dragonflight, the next WoW expansion! – World of Warcraft

Blizzard announced just now Dragonflightthe next expansion of World of Warcraft. Get ready to return to the battle of Azeroth with Alexstrasza! Note: More information will be added to this evening news. announcements Blizzard has announced Dragonflight, a new expansion for WoW. A new breed, the Drac’thyr. There is a human form. You have access … Read more

Bagnols-sur-Cèze: College students from Le Bosquet reveal themselves in their fraternity fresco

Thanks to PJJ and the teaching team, an inspiring project for struggling students. “I draw shapes, you color them, with light colors. Darker than still used for shadows and outlines”, as Grumo, actor, to a group of students from Le Bosquet. Over the past week, a happy group – teenagers, artists and teachers – have … Read more

CNIL is proposing a new “sandbox” to support digital innovation in the field of education

Flexible, collaborative regulation near the field The CNIL has decided, in 2021, to increase traditional tools for supporting innovation by setting up a “sandbox”, in a logic of flexible and open regulation of emerging issues. This system provides selected new projects with strengthened support, close to the field, by 2022. The goal is to provide … Read more

Portal 3: If Valve doesn’t seem to have decided, “it’s urgent to do it” according to the screenwriter of the old games

Game News Portal 3: If Valve doesn’t seem to have decided, “it’s urgent to do it” according to the screenwriter of the old games Posted on 04/18/2022 at 20:55 It doesn’t take many games for Gabe Newell’s studio to leave a mark on the history of video games: Half-Life and Portal are clearly the two … Read more

We tried Playdate, the little yellow console that brought the crank in the history of video games

It’s unlikely you’ve ever used a crank to interact with a video game, except, in a pinch, if you’ve tried one of the fishing simulations that offer controllers with reels. The American Publisher Panic (Firewatch, No Goose Game Title) however bet on this elbow -shaped link by placing it on its first console, the Playdate. … Read more