top 10 breeds suitable for hunting

Since ancient times man has had wolves that have evolved by contacting man and given the first dogs to help them in the hunt. The first hunting dogs began more than 9000 years ago, due to the burials of dogs found in Japan. Today, there are many dog ​​breeds, some of which are bred by … Read more

What is the law?

Can we say that there is no protection for hunting dogs? A negative response is necessary because they are living beings endowed with sensitivity. Summary Hunting dogs are used especially during the hunting with dogs, which is one of the methods of hunting recognized in the Environmental Code (article L. 424-4, al. 1 and al. … Read more

Discover 5 different types of hunting dogs

Guard dogs, sporty or calm dogs, all dogs have unique qualities. Others are unique because of their particularly developed hunting instinct. What is different about hunting dogs? It’s nice to be able to share your love with your four -legged friend. Others dog breeds make good companions rally. Read alsoHow to choose your hunting dog? … Read more

Enclosure hunting under fire … from critics

A new legislative proposal aimed at fighting against “the engriillage of the forests of France” was presented to the National Assembly. Several animal protection personalities and associations – including the 30 Million Friends Foundation – also called for an end to hunting enclosures in a column published by JDD. The tie is tied around this … Read more

How to choose a leash for your dog?

The leash is a necessary accessory for dogs. Mandatory in some cases, it is recommended in others. However, in order for the walk to be pleasing to the doggie and his master, it is important to choose a good model, reliable, sturdy and suitable for everyone. How to make a choice? Which model to choose? … Read more