For Christmas, Weezer wants a dog

QAnon followers suspect that the Beatles were involved in child sacrifice. Paul was dead, and John was supposed to have been killed by the Communists. As the greatest rock band of the 20th century, the Beatles have naturally been the subject of an infamous conspiracy theory. According to urban legend, Paul McCartney died in 1966 … Read more

My dog ​​is afraid of children, what should I do?

Like people, pets experience complex emotions. Many positive or negative feelings will surround them and can lead to aggression in dogs such as fear. Although the dog is considered to be man’s best friend, sometimes it happens that our four-legged companion develops a real fear of children. How do dogs show this negative emotion? What … Read more

the puppy’s owner was released from police custody… Influencer’s illnesses and criminal history

The influencer Rop, who was accused of severely abusing his dog, is now under judicial control. This one has been sentenced to prison before… Who is he? While a 4-month-old puppy was found in distressed condition, the owner of Texas, an American stafffordshire terrier, immediately went to court in Pontoisethis December 1, introduced The Parisian. … Read more

Newlyweds adopt a stray dog ​​who invites himself to their wedding | dogs

A friendly stray dog ​​made a Brazilian couple’s wedding even more magical. The couple who were touched by the intervention of this surprise guest allowed him to participate in the entire ceremony. Then it becomes a member of the family. Tamiris Muzini, a 34-year-old interior designer, and her husband Douglas Robert, a 36-year-old firefighter, were … Read more

What Cats Can See But Humans Can’t: Interesting Facts

All animals are endowed with extra-sensory abilities, some of which are common in more or less pronounced details and others are specific only to certain species. This is the case with cats. These pets perceive more things in their field of vision than the human eye allows. It is interesting to know some of them, … Read more

With Kooa, pamper your dog like he’s at the spa!

The references available are very different from shampoos, wipes, creams, detangling sprays, but also accessories such as scissors, microfiber towels to dry your dog, or even brushes. So you will find everything you need at Kooa to take care of your faithful companion at home between two visits to the groomer. Thanks to their carefully … Read more

A mediation without missing a dog

For nearly four years, the residents of the Châteauvillain nursing home have been happy to have regular contact with two dogs, thanks to the establishment of animal mediation. Involving zootherapist Christelle Fernandez, who is also a nursing assistant in the establishment, these workshops have produced many benefits. “Families are allowed to come and visit their … Read more

Pheasants, hunting or shooting activities?

The hunting of pheasants, these birds with colorful feathers and long tails, whose meat is delicious, is done by some groups of nemrods. Europeans have hunted this native winged game for millennia. With us, we are not talking about a wild bird, but a farmed chicken intended for the event of collection and table. However, … Read more

Treat your dog to delicious Barkoo treats

At Barkoo, you can find treats for dogs that are free of fragrances, colors and preservatives, but also gourmet references that your doggie can taste. It’s up to you depending on the occasion and your hairball preference. Each product is made with care to provide the best for your dog. Besides chew bones and balls, … Read more