19 photos of people who don’t want dogs but are cut off

Even the most resistant people end up cracking in front of the dogs’ irresistible face. As these photos show. © Erica Marie Randall/Facebook While some households know in advance that their house will have as many dogs as possible, others believe that this will not happen. However, it turns out that many people cannot resist … Read more

Sensory Deprivation Syndrome in Dogs

Is your puppy or dog abnormally fearful? He jumps at the least usual domestic arousal, shows great fear of the noises of the city, at the arrival of a family friend whom he nevertheless knows. Is he trying to run away, hide or become aggressive? Maybe he has sensory deprivation syndrome (SPS)? This behavioral disorder … Read more

how to teach your dog not to bark?

Does your dog bark a lot and you want to teach him not to bark? Here are our practical tips on this topic. If you have a puppy or an older dog, your pooch can barks too little for your taste. In this context, you should ask yourself how to teach your dog not to … Read more

Doctors removed the dog’s lungs after he inhaled the fungus found in the soil

GARDEN PRAIRIE, Ill. – Life has changed in a matter of weeks for an Illinois family who are now doing everything they can to save their four-legged darling. Three-year-old Mocha almost died from a blastomycosis infection after he apparently contracted a live fungus in the soil around his home. Doctors eventually removed his infection-ridden right … Read more

Leandro Paredes, the goalkeeper of the Argentinian squad

Published in: 12/12/2022 – 20:57 His entry into the match against the Netherlands, in the quarter-finals, put the meeting in a bad climate. True to his reputation, the Argentinian Leandro Paredes, in his panoply, has this habit that can parasitize a game and disrupt the opponent. And whether you like it or not, this is … Read more

Weenect, specialist in GPS collars for animals, launches insurance for dogs and cats with Axa

Founded in January 2012, Weenect strives to ensure the safety of animals and peace of mind for their owners. On the strength of sales of GPS collars, the French company now offers animal health insurance. © Weenect Insurance As of November 7, 2022, you can get insurance that fits your pet, your budget, and that … Read more